my view,  Real Housewives of Atl

And then there was Phea

It’s been way too long but let’s go for it. Are you watching The Not So Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills? I know I have not been posting about them but if you follow me on twitter you know I’m watching though watching twice a week is a bit much for me. Most of my enthusiasm is reserved for the Hot Mess of ATL. Beverly is fun but so much money that I can only afford to laugh from a vary far afar.

I have to say after last season’s theatrics, I’m back in love with my girl NeNe. I’m feeling so bad for all she’s going through this season with down in the basement hubs, Greg and that son of hers. What a mess and now the baby news of his and to top it off she has the new guy Peter trying to be all Simon like and become and extra housewife on her back. It’s so not working.

But my love to hate fave is Phaedra. Have you ever? Phaedra with her inconvenient baby (or Brabry as Dwight says) and hottie “clean”  hubby.  She is all kinds of good TV there. What a pick. Mmm Mmmm Good. Now let’s do another awkward photo shoot Apollo shall we?

So are you watching?




  • MrsTDJ

    I am almost shamed to admit that I watch these nuts! *lol* I didn’t always, but bloggers and folks on FB were always talking about them and it sounded too comical to NOT watch, so I finally tuned in that season. Whew lawd, I’m happy I did! These chicks are pure, unadulterated comedy!

  • Spaz

    Ohhh, I could hug you for doing a post on RHoA!
    I am in awe of these ladies and their personalities. It’s a freak show! NeNe is my favorite, she always has been, even when she completely overreacts and is not in the right. Her personality is just entertaining and it’s endearing.
    Kim is just I don’t even know what is going on there. She has no talent. She cannot sing, it’s just an empirical fact. She states that she sings better than she dances… O.o She is the shallowest of shallow and she still manages SOME body out there to support her a$$ financially LOL.
    I love Kandi but her voice is too nasally for me. I sincerely wish her the best of luck though. She needs to cut off all ties with Kim professionally, but she didn’t ask me for my advice.
    Phaedra is such a shitty hot mess. She is such a fake, she lives by the fake-it-til-you-make-it rule. And everyone this season called her on it. Ugh — her baby shower/hat lunch/dance? that was disturbing and weird!
    Any my parting comment is: seriously??? professional photos with the both of you sucking on pickles? ?!

  • deidra

    Lord today! The housewives. I don’t watch them, but my daughter is home for the holidays so…

    I do have to say I like NeNe, though. And that awkward photo shoot you’ve posted? I have no words. 😉

  • Taina

    omg!! used to looooove the housewives and am missing so much here in the english sticks! i’ll call you sometime so you can give me the full rundown.