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Christmas in the Bronx

There’s nothing like Christmas in The Bronx. With a hottie 2 hottie rooftop Jesus or I think that may be an archangel either way he’s oddly hot, Alvin and the chipmunks and is that MJ hanging out front? Yeah only in the Bronx. Since the twins were small the DH and I have been taking them to the wild Christmas house on Pelham Parkway. For over 29 years the Garabedian family has been doing this annual extravaganza on their front yard. This year before the blizzard we got to take Nana for a visit. She had never been and was just in awe at the spectacle along with the rest of the crowd. To read more about the family check out their site here.







  • Joyce

    I love traditions. Oh my stars your children Kwana are beautiful/handsome!!! Nana also looks proud as a peacock standing between her grandbabies! xo

  • Laurie at mizwrite

    Oh my gosh, I love this! I love that all the animals of the manger are standing on the balcony staring out at the audience! And Donald Duck? And is that a chandelier outside? Wow. So much fun. Your kids are gorgeous — they look so grown up and like they’re ready to show all this off to their grandma!

  • Megan

    ! I saw that house featured on a show about holiday decorating–one of the guys who does it is a clothing designer, sounds like for prom wear or something, I think. Cool you saw in person!