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BEA Day and no Table Flipping

What’s Jack up to? Jack, like me, is trying to get over this heat. I mean come on 92 in New York in May. It’s just not cute people. Not cute at all.

Yesterday was such a fun and tiring day. It was BEA Day! That’s Book Expo America at the Javits Center which is way over in the boonies of 11th avenue of Manhattan where you are essentially captive, have to have overpriced food and drinks, breathe recycled air and walk miles in a big glass cube.

But I was saved for the ride down from Freshchester by the kindness of a friend. Thanks so much Ellen. I’ll travel with you anytime!


Once there I met up with my PIC Megan and I got to meet new friend author Victoria Janssen.


We also hung with the great and all book knowing Stacy.


And there was Chris and her friend Tina from Germany. Why didn’t I get a pic? Very sad. Good to see you Chris!

And then Diana. Hooray! So happy to get Ascendant the much anticipated follow up to Rampant.

I was, as usual, without restraint and have come home with too many books, but lots I’m happy to say are young adult that the Dear Twins can enjoy too. But I also got alot at the fab Harlequin booth from Brenda Jackson and Gwynne Forster and Rochelle Alers. At RWA I got to see Cathy Maxwell again who is just so nice and was wonderful on the romance panel.

No spotting of the Duchess Fergie for me. I think her event was ticketed so I missed that crowd but see from the news it was some event.

I was just about heading out the door vowing, “no more books!” when I saw a huge line and had to ask who it was. Well, my super blog friends it was none other than Teresa from The Real Housewives of New Jersey! And she was signing her book Skinny Italian! You know I wasn’t leaving without that book and meeting the famous table flipping Teresa.

 Let me just say her line was so long but she was gracious and had a smile for each person and signed every book. Then when I went and asked for an additional book for my super fan and knit friend Eileen she was only too happy to give me another one for her. So sweet and the book is beautiful.


Great way to end the day!