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BEA Haul Away

So I thought I’d share the reason my back and shoulders are still so sore. Here is my haul away from BEA. Quite a few goodies huh? Some happy reading here.

I kinda wish I could line the bedroom with bookshelves but no way the DH would go for that. I really need a library. Oh well, to dream.

Happy Friday! Tell me what are you currently reading?




  • Eileen Cohen

    I am reading ” The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” . I have it on my Nook and loving it!!!

  • Kathy

    Great “Haul” Kwana! I’m still reading The Help….having a hard time focusing on reading since I started blogging seems like that’s all I read! Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Nicole

    My new fixation is a short shelf around the top perimeter of my office…you have WAY more books than me…should consider the same….

  • Ina in Alaska

    Like Kathy’s comment I too am having trouble reading since blogging. I used to read each and every day. Years are passing by and I am not caught up. I wish I knew how to continue my reading but the blogs are so interesting…

    I hope to finish Cheerful Money, which I am reading sporadically, the author is Tad Friend. It is a memoir of growing up WASP.

    Many great books shown. How do you do it? Read, blog, mom, write, Jack?? xoxoxo

  • Maria Geraci

    I just finished The Officers Girl, by Leigh Duncan. Great romantic read! Next on my list is Pieces of Happily Ever After by Irene Zutrell.

    Looks like you have lots of great reading in your future, Kwana 🙂

  • Simone

    My sis and I went to BEA a few years back and we had so many books that we had to ditch a few. It was almost impossible to walk without the back and shoulders aching!

    I loved it though.