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    How I Love Your Scandalous Heart …

    How much do I heart as well as admire the folks over at abc and Shondaland?  All you long time followers and especially twitter friends know I’m a TV fanatic so this probably comes as no surprise. Don’t ask me about state’s capitals, but quiz me on Real Housewives trivia and I’m on it.

    That said, I am discerning when it comes to my TV watching and to quote the lyrical poets of Three 6 Mafia, “It’s hard out here for a pimp.” I don’t give my loyalty or my time frivolously and when I’m in, I’m ride or die. So I’m giving huge props and much respect to the Shondaland family for the kindness that they gave when sending out such lovely thank you gifts to some loyal watching, tweeting and recapping fans (check my latest recap over on Heroes and Heartbreakers). Seriously, in this society where you don’t always get a thank you for what you do (and Scandal is so great I’d be shouting about it regardless of the thanks) I was truly touched to receive such a thoughtful package.


    How cool is this? And there’s a copy of Gone Girl. How did they know I’m the only person in the world that hasn’t read the book yet. I’m fixing that now!


    These coasters are everything!

    So here’s my thank you back abc and Shondaland. I can’t wait until the next #TGIT. I’ll see you all on twitter. Look me up @kwanawrites 🙂


    Olivia popcorn. I die. No way, Jack move along doggie!


    All the best,


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    Friday Hangover and a Winner!

    Happy Friday! I hope you all had a good night last night with plenty of treats and no tricks. Things started out slow over by me. I decorated the porch along with Jack who was without a costume this year but still feeling festive and we sat and waited.


    And waited some more. But once it got dark and my purple lights came up the kids really started to come out and it was quite a lot of fun answering the door in my Witch’s Hat. It started to drizzle around 8:45 which put an end to the Trick or Treaters wich was fine by me because it was  getting on time to settle in for the real Halloween scare with Scandal.

    Wow! It was so good. You can check out my recap for the week over at Heroes and Heartbreakers. I’d love to hear your comments.

    A big thank you to all who commented on the fab Lise Horton’s WORDS OF LUST interview. I’m so grateful to Lise for being here. Thanks to random number generator I have pulled a name for her book giveaway and the winner is Maria Ferrer! Congrats Maria! Lise will be in touch. And no worries if you didn’t win you can click here to buy your own copy of WORDS OF LUST.

    words of lust cover


    Have a great weekend!


    All the best,



    image from Scandalabc tumblr

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    They’re Back!!!

    I’m so excited. After the heartbreaking loss of the soaps that I grew up with sitting at my Nana’s knee, well today they are back! You can catch All My Children and One Life To Live on Hulu and Hulu plus.  I can’t wait to see what the old gang’s been up to. It sure looks like a lot.


    All the best,


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    Well did you watch? I sure did and have the Scandal hangover to prove it. Head on over to read my recap over at Heroes and Heartbreakers. So much emotion. Feelings!! I have the Feelings!!! Please, come and share in the convo at H&H I want to hear what you think.

    Huck 3

    Huck 2

    Sidebar: loving Liv’s Goyard hobo bag in that scene where she meets Huck. I may be emotional but I can still spot a good bag.

    Huck 4


    You doing anything Scandal worthy this weekend?


    All the best,



    P.S. if you’re over on Goodreads my May 27th book Seduction’s Canvas is up! Please add it to you TBR list. Join up with the cool kids!


    Images from abc.com


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    Hair of the dog…

    Hey peeps.

    So it’s Friday and I’m nursing my Scandal hangover. Here is a bit of the hair of the dog and all that. If you want a peek at what has me so knocked out you can check my recap and all my pearl clutching moments over at my recap for Heroes and Heartbreakers. Head on over there for some juicy Scandal chat. In the meantime… I need more coffee.


    All the best,



    P.S. for a limited time I see that Through The Lens is on Sale in paperback over at Amazon. Snag it while it’s hot. And don’t forget, my next book drops May 27th. Whee!!


    Image fm here

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    Fine Leather Goods…

    I’m so feeling the need for a Treat Yo Self day, even if that day is treating myself to a day in bed. But alas, I am under deadline so I don’t see that day happening for at least a month so I’ll be making due by living through Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec.

    If you had a day what would you Treat Yo Self to?




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    Just Wild About Maggie…

    I’m so happy that Downton is back for another season. All I could think as I watched this past week was if only I could be as witty and as quick with the comebacks as the Dowager Countess. What a fine sharp tong she has. Here are 10 of her best quips. Enjoy!




    All the best,


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    Friday Cheers!

    Cheers and Happy Friday! Thanks to all who entered my 1st Goodreads giveaway! We have 2 winners and the signed books will on the way! For those who did not win please look to your right and click on with your favorite e-tailer for TTL in an instant. I hope to have another Giveaway soon. Thanks again.

    Well we’ve made it through another week and I’ll let Idris (always good hero writing inspiration) raise a glass to us all. Yay! BTW have you seen BBC’s Luther yet? If not what are you waiting for? Get on in there. Season 3 is taping already and I may want to chat!






    P.S. for all you Scandal lovers my recap of last night’s epi is up on Heroes and Heartbreakers now. Click here to check it out.

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    Double Impact?

    Really Liquid Plumber have you gone just a smidge too far or am I (yes, me, I know hursh) getting all Regency prudish and you’ve just hit on super brilliant marketing? I saw this last night and thought, wow they took the Velveeta 3rd hand (so funny, I love it) smiting to the next level for sure. What say you bloggy friends?




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    Going Downton

    I enjoyed the finale of Downton Abbey last night and already I’m waiting with baited breath for the new season next year. All that English Upstairs/Downstairs history stuff. Yeah, I was feeling quite cultured. That is until I saw this…




    Ironic huh? At least it’s not every episode. Though I can’t say that for the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Can’t go getting too high and mighty.

    Happy Monday.





    image from here