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Double Impact?

Really Liquid Plumber have you gone just a smidge too far or am I (yes, me, I know hursh) getting all Regency prudish and you’ve just hit on super brilliant marketing? I saw this last night and thought, wow they took the Velveeta 3rd hand (so funny, I love it) smiting to the next level for sure. What say you bloggy friends?





  • Ina in Alaska

    Well, having had a grump at my house this past Sunday to snake out a clog in my kitchen sink, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the commercial!

    This plumber tromped into my house, did not say hello, did not remove his shoes, stomped into my kitchen, got the snake working, dislodged the clog, cleaned up, tromped back down the stairs, out the door, out to his truck, got the credit card info, and left. I said goodbye and thank you. He never said one word! Now, I don’t need to be in a relationship with him but some common courtesy would have been nice. He did NOT get a tip!

  • nora snowdon

    that is hillarious! i love how she undoes her hair and it gets stuck in her lips. so much more realistic. i think it works because we’ve all used the grumpy old plumbers you don’t really want to let into your house. now those guys…

  • kwana

    PVE if the you know who’s were delivering I may be buying. LOL

    So funny Irene

    I see why you didn’t tip Ina.

    For sure Nora!