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Goody Two…

So this summer is just kicking up right nicely. Not.
Not only does the Jackster still have to wear the cone of shame but now my poor DH went and got himself in a sling by falling onto his shoulder. I’m taking to calling him Slingblade (he’s not laughing). But really with all this and the rest of life I’m dancing as fast as I can just like Adam here. Let’s watch and while we’re at it, dance. I just love the 80’s.

Have a good one.
And Hey here’s a smile. Have you “liked” me over on my FB author page yet? I’m getting close to the 100 mark. Yay to that. Thanks!



  • Kathy

    Never a dull moment! I love the 80’s too and Adam Ant….brings back memories! Hope you dance all weekend …in a good way not a stressed out crazy dance!