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What’s Jack up to? Today he’s going nuts over the electrician who’s come to hang the new chandelier. Stop jumping on the man, Jack! He’s here to do a job not play with you. Sorry Mister.

What makes a house a home? And why to man and women usually have such different ideas about it. After much prodding and finally me just going for it, I finally got a new chandelier. I love it. It’s simple enough to satisfy the DH who likes all things minimal and just ornate enough to make me feel like I’ve been decorating. It’s a far cry from the blue (yes,blue) and white pendant light that was there before.

I’ve been putting quite a few little touches on the house this week. Hanging an old painting that I had in storage for years (jury is still out on it) and putting up a cool iron cross that I found for a steal (the DH jury is still out on that one).

I’m happy though. We’ve been in our little cottage for 2 years now. It was time. There’s just something to little touches that change a house into a home.

Now, onto the next project! Sorry DH.


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  • Roberta

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