jack,  Knitting


What’s Jack up to? Besides stealing slippers and having me walk barefoot on the cold floor, Jack is quiet this morning. Thanks, Jack.

Yesterday was my day to host my weekly knitting group. We unofficailly go as: The Knit Witches and if you come at the wrong time you can sub another word entirely for Witches. (Wink, wink, ladies!)

As always, it was a fun unwind in the middle of the week and nice to catch up on the suburban news. The coffee and the talk were flowing freely. For now The Witches will remain anonymous in order to protect the not so innocent.

Progress was going well on all the ladies projects although, I’d like a little more forward movement on my scarf. Hosting knitting made it tough to stick to WW, but it’s once a week and I had the ladies take home all the leftovers. Thank goodness, because if that leftover Chocolate Almond Slice was in my house this morning it was sooo be eaten. Check out this spread. Chocolate almond slice is on the bottom of the photo. Yes, on my plate.

I hope you get to take a little time to sit and get with your crew this week.