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    No Sorrow

    It’s the 50th anniversary of Alvin Ailey’s Revelations and once again tonight the DD and I will be at city center watching a performance together. She’s so excited and so am I. Also once again before the show she’ll be taking a dance class at Ailey and learning Revelations which is a huge treat for her. It should be a fab night and a great start to the holiday season.  Wishing you a wonderful sorrow-less weekend.

    Check out the gorgeous Judith Jamison here in 1965






    image from here

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    Moody Blues

    What’s Jack up to? Jack has been in a world and I do mean a world of trouble this weekend.  It’s like he knows we’re super busy so he’s reverted back to puppy pre-toddler stage and has been going, yes ,that kind of going all over my house. Just yesterday he whimpered at the DH and when he took a minute too long to jump up to take him out, Jack turn around in a huff and promptly peed of his foot. Bad dog, Jack.


    Thanks so much for all your kind words on the DD’s dance recital. She did a wonderful job. I was really so proud of her. Here are a few not quite clear (sorry) shots but they portray the itense mood of the night.


    Speaking of intense moods… It’s spring break here so I’ve got busy week with the teen twins at home.  Hmmm…