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    Rocka My Soul

    On this Sunday I’ll finish up with the final section of Revelations which has an enduring message of hope that has lasted these 50 years and I’m sure will continue for at least 50 more. I don’t know about you, but for me, it comes right on time right about now.

    Happy Sunday!



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    No Sorrow

    It’s the 50th anniversary of Alvin Ailey’s Revelations and once again tonight the DD and I will be at city center watching a performance together. She’s so excited and so am I. Also once again before the show she’ll be taking a dance class at Ailey and learning Revelations which is a huge treat for her. It should be a fab night and a great start to the holiday season.  Wishing you a wonderful sorrow-less weekend.

    Check out the gorgeous Judith Jamison here in 1965






    image from here

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    Dancing With Myself

    What’s Jack up to? The happy dog is jumping and bouncing way to much for me on this Saturday morning. Give me a little time to sleep in please, Jack.

    Tonight’s my family and I will be attending my DD’s annual modern dance recital. This will be the the 10th year that we have come to some such sort if thing.

    And I’m sure that even though she’s much taller, way shapelier and a bonafide dagger shooting teen, I’ll look on that stage tonight and for a moment I’ll see glimpses of that four year old that used to look for only me in the audience and flash me a mega-watt smile. What mother can help it?
    Yep, that’s her on pointe and she’s amazing at modern (tonight’s concert and her speciality) and hip hop too. The girl’s got talent! So join me in a Bravo for the DD in honor of her show tonight. Happy weekend!