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My Space- Check It Out

What’s Jack up to? Mr. Jack has been just feeling hot lately. Being snippy and peppy. His most fun this week? Driving me crazy by getting into the trash whenever he can. We have one of those step-on cans that has a slow close lid that doesn’t just slam shut so it won’t take off a finger or make a ton of noise. Well, Jack is very aware of this and and just lays in wait for a person to throw away some food and then walk away while the lid is still closing so he can make his move. Yeah, Life with Jack is never dull.

So what’s up with me? Well, my exciting news is I was featured over at one of my absolute favorite blogs yesterday The Musings of Ondo Lady! I’ve been a fan of Ronke and her cool British style since I first learned of the blog world and was honored when she interviewed me for one of her My Space pieces. Please stop by here and check it out. Thanks.