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Hello Lover 2- Fashion Amendment

What’s Jack up to? Jack, the little Devil, has been a such sneak. Yesterday I watched, like in slow motion, as he ever so coolly lifted up on his hind legs and took a piece of chicken right off the edge of the DD’s plate and ran with it. I was just far enough away to not be able to catch him and he knew it. Grrr… Jack.

So this is how my mind works. It’s the wacky little things that make me crazy. I was looking back on my blog and something about my Hello Lover post was just not right. I screwed up, but how? So I did some research and realized the top image is not a Birkin bag it’s a Kelly bag. Of course, I knew. Don’t ask me how I messed that up.

See the straight edge flap and the one handle. That’s a Kelly. The Lover I’d cheat on my 1st Lover with or the other way around which ever $12,000 bag came first. Yeah right. Delusional much? So just to get it straight…

This is a Kelly:

This is a Birkin:

Both are swoon worthy.

Whew. Glad I got that fixed. Just in case The Hermes people are reading or someone needs a fashion editor on the fly.

Now to my first love, the man I’d marry… Come to Mama!

Boy this recession/depression has me dreaming big time. But I gotta go. Off to Target and Walmart for some reality shopping. Catch you all later.


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