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No Sleeping In… It’s Monday Ya Know

What’s Jack up to? Well I had plans to sleep in on this day off Monday for everyone in the house. But Sir Jack wasn’t having any of  that.  Bounding into the bedroom bright and early, his annoying little nails scratching on the wood floor and when that didn’t work he went to pushing for all his might against the bed. Groan.  I’d say he feels bad for waking me and the DH up, but with this look, somehow I don’t think so.

Stay cool and I hope you got to sleep in today.



P.S. A big, I mean HUGE, happy  birthday to my littlest brother, Semaj. There is a 19 year age difference between us and he’s way cooler than me so he’s probably not even reading ye’ old blog but I wanted to say a shout out to him and tell him how much I love him and he’ll always be my baby brother no matter how big he gets. This Hess truck goes out to him today.


  • Ina in Alaska

    Happy Birthday to your little brother! But is he a bit old for the Hess truck? I remember those trucks, I think my sister still has one.

    Saw on the weather the awful heat out East. Was at 2 parties this weekend when the firepits were ablaze, it has been a bit cool and wet out this way. Will send you some of our cool air…. xoxoxo

  • pve

    Jack is just being his natural self, ready to celebrate monday. happy day to you and your birthday brother.