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    Turning Pages

    Where, oh where, did the summer go?


    jack judge 2Listen, don’t look to me because I have no answers over here. I’ve pretty much spent most of my summer in my little cave pecking away at my laptop in prep for next year’s books. It’s ok though, all my vacations have been in my head and I’m sure a physical one will come soon (sure? Hope?).

    Meanwhile, The Jackster has been by my side as I put the finishing touches on my upcoming Unconventionl Brides Series, only giving me grief when he wants a treat or when he finds me totally slacking. You all know that nobody does judgy like Jack.

    Well now that you made it to my new place on the web grab and a cup of what ever strikes your fancy, a seat and stay a spell. Check out some of my other blog posts, my book page and please don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter (sidebar: you get to find out about my new contests that way) to stay up-to-date on my upcoming projects (there are many!). The most immediate being HOLIDAY TEMPTATION which will be out in now less than a month with me, Donna Hill and Farrah Rochon (I’m so the under card in that fight and proud to be it). HolidayTemptation150

    So that’s that. Happy early-fall peeps! If you know me you know I’m already on the hunt for the perfect black turtleneck and scheduling my Fall TV viewing and tweeting in my planner.

    Thanks and I’ll see you around!


    All the best,


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    Bundle up… and read

    Bundle up peeps it’s a cold one…

    Christmas shoppers on street, New York, ca_ 1900s


    But of course keep it Klassy. Tell me how are you keeping warm on this cold, cold day or are you one of the lucky ones is shorts and flip-flops and some tropical local? Come on make me jealous. It’s ok. I’ll still love ya.

    And Happy 123rd Birthday to literary pioneer Zora Neale Hurston. I’m thinking bundling up with a classic like Their Eyes Were Watching God would be great way to spend this cold day.

    zora a





    All the best,



    image from Vintage Everyday

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    Friday Flashback- Na, na, naa, na-na-na!

    Happy Friday! Wow has this week bounced by fast. I’ve been playing catch-up after being away at #RWA last week and think I will be for weeks to come. So much to do. In order to get the energy up over here at ye old blog how about a little Friday Flash Back? Jermaine Stewart anyone? I’ll never forget the day I ran into Jermaine down in the village. It was right after this song came out and I was in high school, and of course gushed like the high school girl I was. He was so sweet and kind and took my gushing with such grace. He is still missed today. Enjoy. And dance with me!



    All the best,




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    Fear is a four letter word

    What’s Jack up to? Well it’s been another exciting weekend with the Jackster. I tell you all that dog keeps us hoping. It seems no food is out of bounds as he somehow got to the peppers on the counter. So we’ll see how those go through his system. This should be interesting. And then on Saturday night I had a shock when going to the bathroom I flip on the light and find Jack for some reason just chilling in my bathtub! First of all gave me such a fright. Second of all, Ewww! Yeah me and Jack are having issues about right now.

    On another not Jack dog therapy related note I’ve got to get in serious writing gear. I’m getting way deep in the dear twins college search mode and about to get busy with guidance and the application process soon but I have to be careful not to let it totally derail my planned writing schedule. I know me, and the stress of the college process could easily override the urgency of the writing process and one totally needs the other if you know what I mean. But honestly the whole thing is enough to paralyze me with fear.

    Fear. What a terrible four letter word.



    I hope you have a fearless week this week.



    Image: The Scream by Evard Munch for more on Munch see Artsy.net here

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    In/Sane Woman

    This woman hangs out on my inspiration board which is over my little desk. Sometimes she’s hidden behind seemingly prettier more well behaved pictures or sayings. Tucked away just a little corner of color, a finger, a breast or an eye peeking out. Then things get jostled, moved around and she’s back out in full view. It’s like she’s pushed her way out and won’t be hidden behind the pretty.

    Woman I by Willam de Kooning. 

    I don’t know what made me instantly pick her up as soon as my eyed washed over her in the MoMa gift shop but my hands flew to her and it was like picking up a part of me. Wild, scattered, colorful, fierce but constrained.

    I’m feeling very much like Woman I as I go into the weekend. Hope it’s not too bumpy a ride. Have a good weekend.



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    Heart of Glass

    Growing up I had a small lavender room that was really the dining alcove converted into my bedroom. It was tiny, but I was thrilled to have it and be on my own and out of the room away from my little brothers. I had a fabulous view of the George Washington Bridge and the Hudson River that I now know I didn’t appreciate enough.
    On the wall facing me was life sized poster of Prince (Le sigh) and on the wall behind me was another life sized poster of Debbie Harry.

    I also had a cassette player and radio and a pair of headphones that was my lifeline next to my cool circular phone. Music is during these formative years I think just about as important as the books we read. It somehow creeps into our soul and makes us a bit of who we’ll later become. What ideas and ideals we’ll have about life, love, romance, sex is echoed in the music we love. And now that I write that I have to say it does matter what our kids listen too or at least how they process it.

    All art that’s put out for human consumption whether through the eyes, ears or mouth matters when it touches the soul. Once it does that it makes a change.

    I wonder now how much the playing and replaying of Parallel Lines had on my later relationships.
    How much the playing of what my kids are listening to now will have on them later?

    And we won’t even go there with Dirty Mind. Oh Prince. Thanks so much!


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    It was some year. My year. Full of change, turmoil and, well, me. I’m going continue with the music this week and bring some more music from 1969. Enjoy.

    Now I know this special was filmed in 1971 but Aquarius and Wedding Bell Blues (marry me Bill dedicated to me sweetie!) was from 1969 and these rocking outfits and the white books alone are worth the watch!

    And please let’s say Happy Birthday to my almost birthday mate Wendy today!


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    Moody Monday Music

    Happy Monday! This this is the last Monday of my 39th year. On Thursday I’ll be 40. Oh joy. Not.

    Now I know plenty of you sweethearts out there will say all sorts of sweetheart things and I’ll love you for it as I grimace on the inside and try and hold down all the swirling discontent in my stomach. Thoughts of times gone by, dreams not yet met, bodies changing (or not), what will be and what never will.

    Oh, I know I’m being I big ‘ol hot mess and I’m sure I’ll handle 50 a lot better than I’m handling 40. But I think this week the blog will be full of music (much better than my words) and on Thursday I hope some laughs. Today’s song speaks better for me than I can.