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In/Sane Woman

This woman hangs out on my inspiration board which is over my little desk. Sometimes she’s hidden behind seemingly prettier more well behaved pictures or sayings. Tucked away just a little corner of color, a finger, a breast or an eye peeking out. Then things get jostled, moved around and she’s back out in full view. It’s like she’s pushed her way out and won’t be hidden behind the pretty.

Woman I by Willam de Kooning. 

I don’t know what made me instantly pick her up as soon as my eyed washed over her in the MoMa gift shop but my hands flew to her and it was like picking up a part of me. Wild, scattered, colorful, fierce but constrained.

I’m feeling very much like Woman I as I go into the weekend. Hope it’s not too bumpy a ride. Have a good weekend.




  • pve

    “Women” became the sole subjects of of Kooning. Perhaps that is the underlying sign, that you are drawn to women being the hero and the main attraction in your writings. Stay sane, while you create those mad characters and twisted plots.
    I always love when you say, “You can’t make that up” in regard to some insane news or reality show.
    Keep it real, enjoy the weekend woman.

  • Joyce

    I llike it! She definitely is different from the gal posted on PVE, but there is a piece of this gal too I see myself in on those crazy days! xo

  • Nicole

    Insane, sane…all pretty loose definitions, no? I like her. Reminds me of my friend Heidi’s art during some of her tougher periods.

  • Colleen

    So glad to see this lady today… On this beautiful Sat. I am weepy, sad, discouraged and feeling fat. Oh, and I forgot, sugared up… what a coincidence!

    Actaully may end up at MoMa today, so it has got to get better.

  • kwana

    I’m so glad this woman is getting a reaction today. I’m sure that’s what good art is meant to do.

    Colleen so sorry you are out of sorts. Enjoy this beautiful day and recharge yourself. The MoMa is the place to do it.

  • LindsB

    I love that work of art- its different yet cool and very interesting. I keep coming up with different stories of who she is and what she is about the more I look at her.