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Guest Blogger Alert: Author Amanda McCabe Muses on Mayfair

What’s Jack up to? Jack is happy to today because there is a guest blogger (with a nice giveaway) on ye’ old blog. Yay!  And how can Jack not be thrilled? Look at the company Amanda McCabe keeps. Here she is with her pug Victoria and checkout sweet Abigail in her Halloween costume.




Yep, Jack in not alone in having an, um… interesting owner. Now here’s Amanda!


Hi everyone!  I’m so excited to be back at Kwana’s blog today, and excited to be talking about my “Muses of Mayfair” trilogy from Harlequin Historicals.  These books, To Catch a Rogue, To Deceive a Duke, and To Kiss a Count (plus the prequel, a Harlequin Historical Undone short story, where a real Greek Muse comes to wreak havoc on Regency London!) are out in April, May, and June.  They’re very special to me since I got to re-visit two childhood dreams—to have sisters and to become an archaeologist!  Neither came true alas, but that’s what writing is for…

            I became fascinated by archaeology when I was kid and found a beautiful  book my parents owned about famous archaeological sites around the world.  There were gorgeous photos and detailed articles about the sites’ discovery and exploration.  I spent hours poring over this book!  But then I tore up the newly-planted grass in our backyard to search for Viking treasure (with assistance from our German shepherd, who was very enthusiastic about this kind of research!).  My dad was not happy, and my fledgling career as the new Howard Carter was nipped in the bud.  But I never lost my love of history and a good tale of adventure and discovery, and I was able to use this with the Muses.

            The Chase sisters are a product of the Regency-era love of the classical world and infatuation with its artwork.  Their father, Sir Walter Chase, is a famous scholar and antiquarian who named his daughters after the Muses.  Now the 3 eldest—Calliope, Clio, and Thalia—follow in his footsteps as scholars in their own rights.  They form the Ladies Artistic Society to further their studies—but their bookish lives are overturned by the unexpected arrival of 3 sexy, dangerous heroes!

            I had so much fun creating 3 very different heroines and finding the perfect men for them, as well as exploring their sisterly connections.  I also loved putting them 3 different settings and plotting the mysteries surrounding ancient objects.  Calliope and Cameron in To Catch a Rogue are in glittering London and Gothic Yorkshire, chasing after a statue of the goddess Artemis (based on one I saw in the Louvre!).  When I wrote To Deceive a Dukeit was the middle of winter and I wanted some warm sun, so Clio and the Duke of Averton get sent to Sicily to protect a precious hoard of temple altar silver (based on the famous “Morgantina silver” in the Met).  I loved finding out what was really going on between these two!  And Thalia and Marco in To Kiss a Countgo to Bath, also chasing after the silver and the villainess who has stolen it—or has she?  The genteel Bath façade of tea and assemblies conceals danger and skullduggery galore!  (Plus I do have a weakness for Italian men like Marco…)

            So I had a fabulous time re-visiting my childhood passions and playing “Regency Indiana Jones” with the Chase Muses!  What did you love as a child?  And what are some of your favorite archaeological sites or art objects?  I’ll give away a complete trilogy to one commenter…

“Great conversations, an engaging plot with lots of complications, and realistic, charming characters make To Catch a Rogue and Amanda McCabe a winner” –Cataromance


“Amanda McCabe has crafted a spell-binding, sensuous read grounded in Greek mythology.  Filled with muses, romance, intrigue, and mystery, this thrill-of-the-hunt Regency historical evokes visions of Aphrodite and Apollo amongst the ton setting.  Like any great read, I was sad for it to end!” –The Season

Amanda can be found at her website at:

or on her blog at:

Thanks so much for being here Amanda! It was a pleasure having you guest post today.

Now, comment away people. Winner will be announced on Wednesday’s post.




  • pve

    Funny, for years the boys wanted British names like “Rogue” – “Colin” or “Hugh” – funny how we can all dig deep, and be our own sort of Indiana Jones.
    You do not have to include me in the give-away.
    I know I could borrow your books.

  • Maria Geraci

    Hi Amanda,

    Congratulations on the trilogy. Very nice covers!
    As a child I would say I loved playacting. My secret wish was to be an actress, although I only liked performing for family and friends. Strangers made me shy! So there went a career;)

  • Amanda McCabe

    Good morning Kwana and everyone! Victoria and Abigail are thrilled to see their pics on the blog. 🙂

    Maria, Harlequin has certainly been doing some lovely stuff with their covers lately. I love the way these 3 go together (and the heroines look much the way I pictured them, though the heroes not so much!). I also loved doing playacting when I was a kid. I had a box full of dress-up costumes and I made my parents and grandparents sit through many a play and dance recital. Maybe that’s why I like dressing up my characters so much. 🙂

  • Jerrica Knight-Catania

    Oh, Amanda! Your covers are absolutely gorgeous! My hubby and I are trying to start buying everything in electronic format, but I think I might have to have these on my keeper shelf – they are too pretty!

    I was rofl imagining you and your dog digging up the back yard. What a riot!

    Great post, and congratulations on your releases!


  • Cara Elliott

    Oh, I’m a sucket for archeology plots. We must have read the same books, LOL! I had a fascination with the subject as a child too, and left holes in the back yard. I also used to climb up a steep hill near my house, imagining that it was the great Pyramid!

    Love the Muses, and highly recommend them to all readers!

  • Kirsten

    The Trilogy sounds and looks amazing, it has me intruiged. Congrats on your release Amanda!

    I always loved nature as a kid and wanted to explore things, examen them. Plants, flowers or animals I loved them all. I spend hours and hours soaking it all up and dreaming away.
    Sometimes I still do 🙂

  • Julie

    Chiming in on the cover love! As a child, I loved animals and planned to be a veterinarian. I got as far as completing a biology major in college, but chemistry completely through me for a loop…

    I don’t know if this is my favorite archaeology site, but looking at the Terracotta Army in China always makes me shiver.

  • librarypat

    I so wanted to be an archeologist when I was in high school. Aside from the fact I didn’t have the money to go to a college that offered a degree in it, my family told me it was a waste of time because everything had been found. This was in the early 1960’s and certainly wasn’t true. Just look at all the wonderful discoveries that have been made since then. What I wouldn’t give to have been in on some of them. The local college offered a teaching degree, so that is what I ended up with. I satisfy my need for archeology by reading and visiting as many sites as possible.
    Amanda writes wonderful books. This trilogy is a definite for me to read.
    librarypat AT comcast DOT net