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No Idle Hands

What’s Jack up to? Jack never lets things get dull around here. The poor thing has gotten a bit of a rash. I know probably TMI, but there it is. It’s all over his belly and even his back and made me itchy so I took him to the vet and come to find out it’s doggy acne. WHAT!? Some strange thing they can pick up from who knows where. So it’s pills for Jack that he doesn’t want but I have to get down him for about 21 days. So, um… there.

As for me today, I’ll be trying to get some writing done. So very necessary. A few loads of laundry. Also very necessary. Then there is knitting group today. Not a necessity, but for mental heath, yeah, I think so.

So no Idle Hands for me today.

How about you?

pic from my knitting group last week

Oh and thanks to all who voted for Valorie aka Visual Vamp in the Apartment Therapy contest. She has made it through 2 rounds and is still in. You can vote for her again here to keep her going strong. Thanks!