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It’s All About Me

Hey, sometimes it has to be all about me and sometimes it has to all about you too.
We do so much for so many other people that it’s easy to put yourself on the back burner and then one day wake up look in the mirror and wonder What the–? What happened? Where did time go? Why didn’t I work out (because I can’t stand it) or get that facial or massage or take that walk or nap or whatever it was that would have given me the self care I needed to make this trek past the mirror a bit more palatable. Ugh! (aren’t I brave to post this unflattering pic?)

I’ve been having quite a few of those “all about me moments” or “what about me moments”and putting my “frivolous” needs aside for the needs of others (now we know for beauty and sanity’s sake they are not frivolous). Well, I did a big splurge recently and not without a lot of thought and consideration. I jumped in and got a Clarisonic. I had been wanting one for a long time since I’ve been having problems with creepy little lines (hello 40), odd dry patches and where did you come from pimples.

I saw the Clarisonic in person when I was at Nordstrom the other day while lusting over some handbags but I quickly put it down (along with the bag) saying no way. But then after reading countless testimonials, thinking it over for a week, I ordered one from QVC. Wheeeee!!!
Now after my first try with the cleaning system I could not be happier. Like with handbags I’m a freak for good skincare and I have not been happy with mine lately. After one Clarisonic cleaning I could feel the fresh tingle from the water as it swept across my skin. Just lovely. Ahh.

Of course I now want the baby Mia for my DD. I’m sure she and her teen skin will love it too. But she may have to wait a bit because it be pricy and I thought about mine a loooong time.

I will keep you updated on my Clarisonic progress.

Yay! The QVC set came with 2 extra brushes and 2 full sized cleansers one for the face and one for the body. Sweet!

You can go here to check out Brown Girl Gumbo’s view on the Clarisonic Mia.
And here are a couple of videos for your enjoyment. Cheers to self care!



  • Joyce

    My dermatologiest told me about this and I have been thinking about getting one- PLEASE share the results. BTW I think your photo is prett. xo

  • Ina in Alaska

    I think I will add this to my birthday wish list! We have such a dry climate up here my face is constantly flaky. My friend Elizabeth has one and LOVES IT!!! The first video was very helpful, I am glad to see it can be used in the shower, and also on neck, chest and shoulders. And of course that it is one of Lady O's Favorite Things. Speaking about Oprah, she was awesome yesterday grilling Andrew Young on the John Edwards mess.

  • Deidra

    I'm always skeptical when I see one of those, so I'm glad someone I "know" is actually giving it a whirl. Can't wait to hear what you think…

  • Amanda McCabe

    Hmmm, I may have to check out this one, then! My skin has been so dry and irritated this winter, nothing seems to work on it anymore.

    And are those the new glasses??? They look great!

  • Clarisonic

    Thanks a sonic-lot for sharing this great review on your new Clarisonic! We truly appreciate our fans and are glad to hear you are seeing results so far. If you ever have questions we are here to help on Twitter @Clarisonic or email us at Cheers!

  • Millie

    I loved this post Kwana – I need to put the title in large poster form & stick it in a very obvious place! Even though all the kids are gone & I've gone part-time at work, I still can't seem to get my act together for some dedicated Millie time. This post has been a big wake-up call. I think your Clarisonic investment is one you won't regret.
    Millie ^_^

  • Kwana

    Thanks so much for all your comments and Millie I'm happy to be a bit of an inspiration. Believe me I have to keep reminding myself to take that bit of me time and treat myself.

    Amanda, yes they are new glasses. Thanks for noticing.

    Thanks for saying you like before pic peeps. You are sweet.

    Tia I'm sure your system is great if you are happy with it.

    Thanks to the Clarisonic folks for stopping by. Please stop back again.

    I will keep you all updated. You know me I can't shit up. I'm a chatter box.

    Oh Ina I missed Oprah yesterday. Bummer. That man gets on my nerves.