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Remembering Mama

I remember the book Mama by Terry McMillan very well and can’t believe it was well over 20 years ago that I read and loved it. It was one of those books that really spoke to me in both its style and emotion. With all I’m going through as a writer right now I think I need to revisit it. Check out this interview with the amazing author.


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  • Emma

    I think Disappearing Acts was the first book of hers I read, I know it wasn't Mama. that was the second but I remember being so in love with Disappearing Acts and with the characters and their story. I thought it was brilliant and still do. I haven't thought about Ms. McMillian in a while but I definitely need to take a walk down Memory Lane and reread her work. I wonder if her sister is still writing…

    Thanks for posting the video. She's still very much an inspiration.