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Work Space

What’s Jack up to? Well, you know Jack so no surprise, he’s up to his old tricks. He got sick and threw up the other day. Could it be because the Dear Twins are home and he’s getting into their secret stash of treats from school? He got into the DS’s bookbag and found a bunch of candy while we were out and I came home to candy wrappers all over the floor. I wasn’t happy with Jack or the DS for that one.

Thank you all so much for your support on my Keeping It Real post yesterday. I’m not sure where it will lead but I do appreciate it. Today I’d like to do an update on an old post Visualization where I talked about wanting to add a writing desk to my already tight bedroom. Well, while the Twins were in Paris last week and I had the DH home I decided to move a bit of furniture around. Too bad it was when the DH was trying to take a much longed for nap that I came up with this plan (shrug).

Oh well after much nudging, we moved his chest of drawers over and took the TV off the, could be antique, sewing table that was its stand (yes there is a real sewing machine in here). Then I made the sewing table my desk. Sure it’s itty bitty but works for now until I find another I like. And I quickly put up my little inspiration board. Next up a nice tall skinny shelf for the pile of books and papers to the left that you can’t see.
But now to deal with this pesky problem of writer’s block that I’m having. More on that later…

Have a fantastic day!