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Keeping It Real

Hello Monday. I hope the weekend treated you well. Mine was fine. Back to the usual running with the Dear Twins and such. Weekends are so busy that Monday mornings seems like a breather. Although I will admit to wasting away much of Saturday on the bed in front of the TV nursing my eye which is a lot better. The DH was kind enough to put the kidlit miles on his car and do all the driving while I held down the home fort. Ahh domestic life.

But all this is not the focus on today’s post. Today I’d like to discuss something I’ve been grappling with a while. The idea of keeping it real and how real can real be on ye old blog. You see something has not been quite sitting right with me.

There are plenty of days when I write a perfectly fine blog post but I glaze over a subject when I’d like to go deeper, be a little sharper, maybe more snarky, not so darn happy and let more of my neurotic self come though. But then that neurotic self takes over and I get to fretting. I start to compare myself to those shiny happy pretty blogs and worry that if I get too real and show my true self or give my real opinions you all won’t come back or you’ll stop reading.

Silly I know. To get to 40 and still worry what others think. What a shame. What waste or time, energy and so precious words.

Besides when I look back on past posts where I am more real and let my feelings show you all have responded so beautifully and shown more of yourselves to me. For that I am grateful.
So what I guess what I’m saying here is it’s time for ye old blog to grow up a bit. Get more real and show more of who I really am. Lord knows when I look in the mirror I see plenty of changes, I might as well express them here too.

Every day is not sunny and every day it does not rain.

Much Love,