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    And I say…

    Thanks you all so much for all your lovely birthday wishes yesterday here and on FaceBook and Twitter. I tell you was starting to feel slightly famous. Like a low level trending topic. Maybe a 2nd tier Kardashian or Madonna’s other boob? And then by the end of the night and after yet another slice of death by chocolate cake mixed with chips this was me:



    Happy Tuesday!





    fm here

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    Feeling Better

    Let me start off by saying my DH is all sorts of The Man! You can just put a picture of me on the end of these ecstatic folks.

    My laptop is fixed and I didn’t lose a thing. Whew. I can breathe easier. The only problem I have now is some old (annoying) sticky keys which are now stickier. So The DH thinks I may soon have to send it out for keyboard replacement. Ack! More time without my DLT (dear laptop).

    But for now I’m feeling more like myself today with my trusty companion. Thanks for all your good thoughts yesterday.


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    Good News- Update

    Hello all! I could not wait to share the good news that I got today from my doctor. No Cancer! Horray! And Thank God!

    My surgery went well and I’m healing ok. Still sore and watching not to bump into things. No big hugs from me… yet, but they will be coming soon. I will have to continue to check things out with Mammos every six months but that is just part of life.
    Life. Yes! Time to get on with that. What a difference a minute makes. Wow.

    I wanted to give you all a thanks from the bottom, top, oh just every part of my heart for all of your encouraging words, prayers and positive thoughts… I feel a Happy New Year coming on!

    With Much Love,
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    For the Love- Thank You

    What’s Jack up to? Well it looks like jack is starting to enjoy the snow. Maybe it’s due to his Old Navy jacket and Cool booties from Ina in Alaska that keep his paws warm. Quite sporty.

    Thank you all so much for the love and support yesterday. I’m sore (Freakin’ Ouch!!) from my surgery but trying to be positive. The biopsies went well but I won’t have any results until after Christmas so I’m going to focus on healing and trying to have a low stress and full of love holiday with the DH, DS, DD and the rest of the fam. That is the most important thing. That and being thankful to God for each day.

    Speaking of thankful, I can’t thank my caregivers at the Women’s Imaging Center, Ann Marie and the gang and my fab surgeon (another mom on twins) and at the staff at the hospital yesterday enough. Even when they were doing the most awful things with needles in terrible place they were doing it with such gentle care and love that I’m so grateful. These are truly special people and should be applauded.

    Thanks to my friends who will not be denied with all their offers of help and support and my knitting circle who will not be stopped. The food is coming along with the love and laughs.

    My advice to you all: Get your Mammograms (despite changing guidelines. I’m 40) and do self exams. Take good care of yourself and be your own best advocate.
    Thanks again for the love. Sorry for rambling and repeats. Still on high powered pain killers over here.

    Much Love,

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    Don’t be a Troll

    What’s Jack up to? Whew. Wild boy is fine and happy for a few hours of quiet on this Monday morning.

    This weekend was my monthly RWA/NYC local chapter meeting and we were treated to an exceptional talk on self promotion and blogging by Sarah from Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books (that would be us ya’ll!) and Ron Hogan from Media Bistro’s Galley Cat.

    Thanks to Sarah and Ron for being so candid on with their views and generous with their advice for the newbies of the group. Love the bit about not being a Troll. You know someone who goes around saying inflammatory things just to stir up trouble. Don’t you just hate people like that? They are not as cute as these litte guys to the right. If I ever get Trollish and it’s not about reality TV, feel free to give me a verbal smack-down.

    I walked away from the talk feeling like I was a least doing some things right with my little blog here by being my true self and sharing my thoughts on: Writing, TV, Knitting and life. Being a pre-pubbed author this is really a way to show my voice and get some words on a page every day even when my WIP is not flowing like I’d like. And let’s face it, it’s a bit therapeutic. Even if you’re not really listening I like to think you are!

    This blogger thanks you for tuning in.