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Don’t be a Troll

What’s Jack up to? Whew. Wild boy is fine and happy for a few hours of quiet on this Monday morning.

This weekend was my monthly RWA/NYC local chapter meeting and we were treated to an exceptional talk on self promotion and blogging by Sarah from Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books (that would be us ya’ll!) and Ron Hogan from Media Bistro’s Galley Cat.

Thanks to Sarah and Ron for being so candid on with their views and generous with their advice for the newbies of the group. Love the bit about not being a Troll. You know someone who goes around saying inflammatory things just to stir up trouble. Don’t you just hate people like that? They are not as cute as these litte guys to the right. If I ever get Trollish and it’s not about reality TV, feel free to give me a verbal smack-down.

I walked away from the talk feeling like I was a least doing some things right with my little blog here by being my true self and sharing my thoughts on: Writing, TV, Knitting and life. Being a pre-pubbed author this is really a way to show my voice and get some words on a page every day even when my WIP is not flowing like I’d like. And let’s face it, it’s a bit therapeutic. Even if you’re not really listening I like to think you are!

This blogger thanks you for tuning in.