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What Happens In Vegas…

What’s Jack up to? Wild boy is chilling. The long holiday weekend is over and kids are back to school. Both of us are breathing a sigh of relief.
Dancing With The… Stars? was a blast. A nice escape for the evening. I watched enjoyed and cast some votes for Jason, Mario, Marissa and Kristi, but the night really got interesting after Dancing With The Stars? Hush now… Not that interesting.
I’m getting so suckered into this season of The Bachelor and I’m slightly ashamed since the girls are so bad. What’s with these singing chicks? How many times have you all serenaded a guy on a date? If you have please speak up. I so want to hear the story. Just place in the comment section. No judgment here. We’re all friends.
BTW. Don’t you love these crazy high school style photos of the girls. So funny. I wonder if they each got a runner comb with each sitting.

And Ashlee with a bunch of E’s. Way to be subtle. Sit on a bed and say you’ve been thinking of his lips? Did you graduate like, yesterday? But who am I to criticize. The girl’s not deep, but neither are men. And my point was proven when she got her preemptive strike rose. So there.

Then the drama got all high with, Shayne, Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter, who on day 2 went all stalkeratti in the casino. She was serving up a big plate of crazy. Pulling Matt by the arm and saying how this was getting “real” for her now. Really? Really?

Then Matt goes back to the ranch and he’s lip locking with all the girls and Marshana gets jealous. She goes for the slow dance and tries to hypnotize hm with her eyes. It doesn’t work! All the other girls are watching. Lips lock De-nied!

Oh no, Suddenly another girl is singing I can’t take it. I don’t know her name, but please Matt send these crazy singing chicks home. It’s freaking me out.

But please keep crazy Shayne here. She’s fun. Wacko, but fun. I know you think she’s acting and I’m sure she is, but the girl makes for good TV. I mean we don’t have Stacy any more. Sob.
UH- OH. Rose ceremony.
“Will you accept this rose?” “Yes. Oh Yes.”
The tension is mounting. Final Rose. Shayne sweating, it’s between her and some wacky singers so I’m sweating too. But end the end crazy wins out. “Shayne will you stay and rock my–“, oops sorry wrong show.
But wait, maybe it’s not the wrong show. Preview for next week and there blood and gore. Yech!
Off to Write! Bye!