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    Crocodile Tears

    Or how many times can a grown man cry during a 3 hour period? Answer: way too many.

    Jason, Jason, Jason. What was up with that hot mess of a put off and proposal then the After the Rose on The Bachelor? I will admit I only half watched in honor of Nana’s birthday. I was flipping back and forth between Jason and Jack Bauer on 24. There were no crocodile tears from Jack.

    Jason did not fail to disappoint me by being the guy I suspected he was from the beginning. Quite shifty. I think it’s so not fair how the show did not let Molly see how Jason broke up with Melissa. Why not give her the full picture before she makes a decision? What a big set-up this whole un-reality thing was. And they are doing a part 2?

    Well, I’ll be braving the elements to get things done that didn’t get done yesterday due to the snow day. It’s back to the bitter cold here in the northeast so I’m bundling up. Looks like it will be a while before the snow melts.

    What on tap for your day?


    P.S. Crazy woman update: I’m still hanging in there with the no sugar thing or white products. Although I did cave and have a small piece of Nana’s birthday cake. I was pretty strong at her dinner. She was not happy with me when I turned down her macaroni and cheese and the seafood salad and the sweet potato pie. I could go on and on… I feel like a warrior.

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    Crazy in Love

    What’s Jack up to? He’s sending the DH on long walks for nothing then doing his business where he’s not supposed to. Oh Jack. When will you ever learn? Do I need this crap? Really. You’re lucky you’re so cute.

    Teens Ugh!!
    I know I’m not supposed to talk about ‘those who shall not be named’ on this blog, but some times a girl’s gotta vent. How can a woman feel like she’s already had a draining day at only 8:30 in the morning? Man. Then you look and a lunch is left on the table. And you’re not helping out. No way. The kid that left it stormed out after giving you a bunch of unnecessary attitude. Let said kid starve, you think. It will serve said kid right. But of course that doesn’t stop you from feeling guilty thinking your kid is starving out there which you know is not true. Ugh. Get over it! You’ve got a life and work of your own to do. Enjoy the few hours you have to do it because come 4:00 the fun will start again. Women gird your loins!

    True Love?
    So on to better things. It’s true love! Really it is. Stop laughing. I’m serious. Matt made his decision and after, what? 8 grueling weeks and 25 women he has found his true love and it was not Chelsea, but crazy Shayne! Why does that make me so happy. Those cagey Bachelor editors had me going and by the end of last night episode I was rooting for Shayne with her bleach blond hair and her big brown doe eyes all the way. I’m even hoping those two zany kids make it.
    I’d be tuning in to watch Shayne take on London. All her wild mad antics around Buckingham Palace. What fun.

    And they have quite a fan club over on Youtube there are even fan videos. Check out this one that will make you believe in this love story:

    It was a sweet silly ending to a pretty boring season and now I’m ready for next week and DeAnna- The Bachelorette. Let’s watch 25 men make fools of themselves whining in limos talking about how they felt an “amazing connection.” Right. At least Nana will be watching with me.


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    Nothing says I love you like spray tan and a treadmill

    What’s Jack up to? The little stinker got into one of the twin’s backpacks and got to some candy so he’s not into eating this morning. Feeling blah. Serves you right, Jack.

    I missed quite a bit of Dancing With The…Stars? last night so I’ll have to check out the recap. I did get to see Jason and Kristi and thought they were both great. I’m thinking they maybe the final two or at least they should be.
    The Bachelor was so funny last night. First off, how sad are the one on one dates that are like a one-way tickets to nowhere? You have to pack your bags and if you don’t get a rose then and there you’re left like an unwanted dog taken for a “ride”. Horrible. Talk about pressure. It had one girl start a date on the red carpet and end it in a hot tub in order to insure that rose. Classy, huh?

    I had to laugh out loud when crazy Shayne jumped up and down on the bed with glee when finding out one of the other girls had secret full blown spray tan machine. The girl was so happy that she announced “if she had a treadmill she’d be in heaven”. Gag me please!!!

    Then Marshana got her lip busted in a way too physical game of Rugby. You’d think they were on Survivor. So there she is bleeding and all the girls are mad at her for bleeding and getting Matt’s attention.

    Can someone tell me why they were looking at Matt’s house like it was really his house? Um, girl’s don’t you know it’s rented just like yours right? I’m worried.

    Oh well, enough of these girls. Off to write and embrace my VOICE. Sort of like Sanjaya, without a care as to what anyone thinks of me. Hopefully it will be a productive day that will end with tired fingers from all my typing.



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    What Happens In Vegas…

    What’s Jack up to? Wild boy is chilling. The long holiday weekend is over and kids are back to school. Both of us are breathing a sigh of relief.
    Dancing With The… Stars? was a blast. A nice escape for the evening. I watched enjoyed and cast some votes for Jason, Mario, Marissa and Kristi, but the night really got interesting after Dancing With The Stars? Hush now… Not that interesting.
    I’m getting so suckered into this season of The Bachelor and I’m slightly ashamed since the girls are so bad. What’s with these singing chicks? How many times have you all serenaded a guy on a date? If you have please speak up. I so want to hear the story. Just place in the comment section. No judgment here. We’re all friends.
    BTW. Don’t you love these crazy high school style photos of the girls. So funny. I wonder if they each got a runner comb with each sitting.

    And Ashlee with a bunch of E’s. Way to be subtle. Sit on a bed and say you’ve been thinking of his lips? Did you graduate like, yesterday? But who am I to criticize. The girl’s not deep, but neither are men. And my point was proven when she got her preemptive strike rose. So there.

    Then the drama got all high with, Shayne, Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter, who on day 2 went all stalkeratti in the casino. She was serving up a big plate of crazy. Pulling Matt by the arm and saying how this was getting “real” for her now. Really? Really?

    Then Matt goes back to the ranch and he’s lip locking with all the girls and Marshana gets jealous. She goes for the slow dance and tries to hypnotize hm with her eyes. It doesn’t work! All the other girls are watching. Lips lock De-nied!

    Oh no, Suddenly another girl is singing I can’t take it. I don’t know her name, but please Matt send these crazy singing chicks home. It’s freaking me out.

    But please keep crazy Shayne here. She’s fun. Wacko, but fun. I know you think she’s acting and I’m sure she is, but the girl makes for good TV. I mean we don’t have Stacy any more. Sob.
    UH- OH. Rose ceremony.
    “Will you accept this rose?” “Yes. Oh Yes.”
    The tension is mounting. Final Rose. Shayne sweating, it’s between her and some wacky singers so I’m sweating too. But end the end crazy wins out. “Shayne will you stay and rock my–“, oops sorry wrong show.
    But wait, maybe it’s not the wrong show. Preview for next week and there blood and gore. Yech!
    Off to Write! Bye!