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    Well, well, well…

    What’s Jack up to? He’s very barky at every little car that drives by as I’m typing this tonight. Feeling feisty Jack?

    Well, I really don’t know what to say. The snowboarding, the jackets, the wings? Ugh!
    All I can say in the end is that this video is for you Mel

    Till another season…another show. Hey Project Runway is coming soon!


    P.S. scrool down for cleanse update sigh…

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    Monday Monday

    What’s Jack up to? He’s getting over the 4th of July weekend activities by relaxing. Big fun was had by man and beast alike.

    So I made it for 5 days in the 21 day cleanse. Not so good huh? The July 4th holiday totally derailed me. I caved and had a cocktail or 2, okay three. Sigh…
    Oh well. Then when it came down to the stupid cleanse or dinner with lovely friends. I went for dinner with friends and neighbors. Besides our electricity went out. A sure sign from God to head on out of the house and congregate with the friends and neighbors and a wee bit of cheese. I’m not sorry either. I will say I triumphed over coffee and sugar. I have not had any and I’m dying for some. Check out the video below blatantly stolen from Dooce. Just plug in the word coffee for cookie and it perfectly describes how I feel.

    I actually got a lot out of my few days on the cleanse. I didn’t lose an ounce, but I got a slightly clearer mind and a renewed energy toward my WW goals. I will be back to a meeting this week and back on track with that. So there’s a plus. And I know I’ll be eating cleaner. I also fell in love with Trader Joe’s gluten free pancakes and Morning Star farms veggie burgers and sausages. Who would have thunk that?

    Till tomorrow. Who knows what track I’ll be on?


    It’s the big Bachelorette finale tonight. Will it be the roaming life or the ready made family for DeAnna? Oh and I hear Jeremy is not out for the count yet. Hmm…

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    Color Me Shocked!

    What’s Jack up to? Things are heating up so Jack’s been lounging around a bit. He’s like me when it comes to the heat. Ugh.

    Well, well, well, I don’t really know what to say about last night’s Bachelorette. How could DeAnna get rid of Jeremy and not Jesse? Man, I just don’t understand love. You know it’s good TV when you’re Nana calls you screaming, “What the–!”

    I know there are quite a few of you out there that called Jesse from the beginning (Mel) but I just could not see it and still can’t. Is DeAnna going to follow him around the slopes and live all willy nilly happy with whatever he wants to do once he grows up? And the wings. I can’t even start on the wings! Somebody get me some clippers!
    At this point I say take whoever you want DeAnna. More power to ya girl. Will it be the man/boy who is not quite ready to grow up or the ready made family? Talk about apples and oranges.

    Sidebar: I have a feeling with Jeremy we’re looking at the next Bachelor. What do you think?


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    Strong and Silent

    What’s Jack up to? Well he’s back home from his big city weekend. I guess he’s happy. It’s hard to tell. He’s only slightly uppity, turning his nose up at his food and all. Was he having leftovers from Perilla? But he does seem thrilled to frolic in the grass again.

    I missed a bit of The Bachelorette last night doing baseball duty since the DH is away on business during Hell Week part Deux and missing all the joy. Lucky man eh?
    Man, I knew for sure that it would be Jesse flying away on his hair wings. Boy, was I wrong. Dear Nana had it so right.

    It was moody Graham getting the boot. Nana sure called it. Comparing Graham’s moods to my late grandfather. I had to crack up at that one. She was right he was a moody man.

    What is it about those brooding men that we like so much? They are bound to break our hearts. Did DeAnna make a good call by saving herself some definite heartache from a man that clearly did not know how to show his emotions or should she have stuck it out for the passion that was sure to come?

    What you think and while we’re at it, who are some of your favorite brooding heroes? Here is one of mine from North and South. Le Sigh.



    PS- scroll down for more hot messery. I’m chatty. sorry.

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    2 for Tuesday

    What’s Jack up to? He’s running around happy today. Nana’s visiting so it’s all joy for him. He’s never happier than when she’s here to give lots of love and treats!

    I was so exhausted last night that I was nodding off on the end of The Bachelorette. So I didn’t get to see who got booted off. No big surprise to me today to find out it was Sean and Twilley who got the ax. Buh-bye boys! Now on to the home town dates!

    I’m glad to say that the proposal is going well and I bit the bullet and dove in the the synopsis. I couldn’t let that bout of Synopsisphobia get the best of me. It had me in it’s grips for while there though. Thanks for all your comments on that post. If you missed it you can check it out here. Ugh those dreaded synopsis! Yech!


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    It’s a Man, Baby!

    What’s Jack up to? Just trying to keep cool. Right now, the basement is the place to be. Ahh, relief is being a dog with a cool bed and no responsibilities.

    It was another day of mind boggling heat. Man, it was blazing hot yesterday which meant power outages all over New York. That’s just what happens here when the temps go up and the A/C goes on. Today will be another day of record heat.

    I have been in complete edit mode which is intense. I’m in that space where my mind is never really out of the story. I was chatting with a friend who is married to a writer and it was funny because she could see it in my eyes where I was in the story process.

    I had, no time to sit and watch The Bachelorette for 2 hours straight. Why is this show so darn long? I’ve got a lot to do with 2 hours. There is no way I can sit and watch the whole thing.

    And DeAnna, why are you crying so much and saying ‘ya’ll’ so much?

    I did love when she cried, yelled at the guys and said, “I can’t promise to not kiss other people!” Then she walked off. A total guy move, right.
    Sidebar: Can I just clip Jesse’s wings? That hair is making me crazy.
    Robert, the chef, was living in La-La land. How sad was he with the single tear in the limo? But then DeAnna does a Brad Womack and gives the old double whammy and lets poor Fred go home too!! She really is turning into a guy on this show!!
    Going home tonight was the tall guy that I don’t remember DeAnna hardly talking to at all. Go figure.

    The Mole is back and they are still hating on Nicole, but that Bobby is surely showing the most Mole-y behavior by having a girl push him in a wheel barrel uphill. Nutty, but fun to watch. The crazy thing is I still have no clue who the mole is or how this game really works. Shrug.
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    Who is The Mole?

    What’s Jack up to? He’s feeling a little better and more like himself today after being a bit down yesterday so everybody had better watch out!

    So The Bachelorette was on last night and I don’t know if i was just too busy with life to get into it, but it seemed really long to me. But there was there was plenty was over-emotion to go around. The saddest moment had to be when the sweet science geek Richard was sent packing without a rose in the middle of the show. No way. Oh DeAnna! I’m sure Richard will not be hurting for dates now though.

    This is the season of themes and the guys played cowboys and got dressed up. Jason came clean about his son and and they all kept hating on Jeremy. It still didn’t matter because DeAnna be hot for him!

    In the end there was a sad departure for young Paul and a really funny departure from Ron who is totally delusional. “Um, she didn’t reject me she just picked other guys.” Right. you keep telling yourself that, dude.

    Are you The Mole? Well it sure ain’t me. But I’m already liking this show. Now that could have been longer. I just love an action show. How much fun was it that they all got The Mole wrong? And how much to we love that, Nicole, the OBGYN doctor, knows how to bring the drama?

    Is this the end?

    Could this possibly be the end of this long primary season? Some are saying, yes. I had mixed feelings about posing this on my blog, because I do really like my senator from New York, but really this is just to funny to keep to myself. Check it out. Thanks DD.

    If this is not the end today? Big Sigh. I’m tired and ready for the real race to start.



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    Back to the Grind

    What’s Jack up to? He’s getting his beauty rest after the long holiday weekend of too much socializing. I know how you feel Jack, but no rest for me there’s work to be done.

    How was your weekend? Mine was a Hot Tranny Mess! Well, not really. It was really a gorgeous Tranny Show on Sunday night when I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday at Lucky Cheng’s in The Village! Here is one photo that can be shared. Maybe more to come later once the official photographer sends them to me since I came out with no memory chip in my camera. Smart huh? I also got to go to another friends wonderful housewarming and make some new friends so yay! Then had some neighbors stop over for am impromptu Memorial Day get together which was lots of fun since it was totally unplanned. So this was a banner weekend.

    Anyone get to watch The Bachelorette last night?
    2 hours of oversensitivity and then raging bouts of testosterone. The Show opened with the three guys who got 1st impression roses on the last episode, Jeremy, Jesse and Richard, moving in with DeAnna and the rest of the dudes moving into the guest house in camp like barracks.
    Then DeAnna went on a group date to a magic show where she disappeared with one guy making the others very upset. Later there was some sort of camping trip that I was too busy to pay much attention to, but I was lucky enough to catch Ryan, the virgin football player, tell all the guys that he was a virgin and stop the conversation cold. Screech!
    There was a later group date at Dodger Stadium and Jeremy, the real estate attorney, rocked the other guys in the Home Run derby and one on one time with DeAnna and opened up to her telling her that he lost both his parents. Aww. Very Sad, but pulled him a rose. Cagey eh?
    They showed the chef, Robert, in his Dodger shirt with a pink polo underneath (collar up) worrying if he’d get a first impression rose. I’m thinking no.
    Then we get to see the whole group of guys sit around shirtless while the single dad opens up about his 3 year old son. Aww.
    Is it me or the wacky folksy guitar music in the background or is the most ridiculously sensitive group of guys ever?
    Later all the guys turn on Jeremy, even Ryan the virgin football dude. What up with that? Boy fight!
    How do the guys do it? Why with glares and push ups of course!
    Going home this week are: Eric the Greek guy who has to date a Greek girl and that was what DeAnna had going for her, Chris who pretty much pushed DeAnna away on his way out the door and Ryan the Pro Football Virgin doesn’t get why he was kicked out and didn’t make a connection. He was voted friendliest in 8th grade ya know so thins makes no sense!
    No tears from the guys this week only DeAnna. Be Strong Girl! There’s no crying in Baseball!
    Now time to get to work:
    Lets see there’s:
    Laundry, housework, doctor, P/T, proposal to write, bills, more laundry, more housework, kids eye doctor etc.
    What’s on your to-do list?
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    Reversal of Fortune

    What’s Jack up to? As I write this he’s snuggled up on his bed sleeping like a little sweetheart. If only.

    So, The Bachelorette came on last night. You did watch, didn’t you? The show starts with a recap of how DeAnna’s heart was broken last season by Brad the cad.

    Then we get into this season’s guys. There were some Freaks and some Geeks. I could have done without seeing guys shaving their own chest hair thanks or the oyster farmer talking about a pearl necklace. I just don’t want to go there thank you very much.

    But it didn’t matter I was sucked in with the handsome math teacher and the motorcycle riding real estate attorney who got the first impression rose. It was so much fun watching guys fight for time, making fools of themselves and also being vulnerable.
    One guy, a chef, decided to start cooking in the middle of the party. A crab martini. Sounds like a winner. Hey does he work at Legal Seafood? Can he get her in without the hour wait?
    Then DeAnna brings out her good looking girlfriend as a distraction and a way to see who is really into her or who would be into just any pretty girl. I suspect some may be into just any pretty girl. Especially the one that asked her to sit on his lap!
    The night goes on and just as the producers want the liquor keeps flowing. Finally, men start to strip and jump into cold pools, there’s talk of shrinkage and they have a right good show.
    I don’t know about you but I’ll be watching this season. What about you? Got to see the “amazing connections” and the tears in the limo. Hey we almost got some tears on this show. There was howling. I kid you not.
    On another note it was the Finals for Dancing With The Stars. Any Predictions? I thought Kristi was flawless but my heart and I know lots of hearts are with Jason all the way.

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    Crazy in Love

    What’s Jack up to? He’s sending the DH on long walks for nothing then doing his business where he’s not supposed to. Oh Jack. When will you ever learn? Do I need this crap? Really. You’re lucky you’re so cute.

    Teens Ugh!!
    I know I’m not supposed to talk about ‘those who shall not be named’ on this blog, but some times a girl’s gotta vent. How can a woman feel like she’s already had a draining day at only 8:30 in the morning? Man. Then you look and a lunch is left on the table. And you’re not helping out. No way. The kid that left it stormed out after giving you a bunch of unnecessary attitude. Let said kid starve, you think. It will serve said kid right. But of course that doesn’t stop you from feeling guilty thinking your kid is starving out there which you know is not true. Ugh. Get over it! You’ve got a life and work of your own to do. Enjoy the few hours you have to do it because come 4:00 the fun will start again. Women gird your loins!

    True Love?
    So on to better things. It’s true love! Really it is. Stop laughing. I’m serious. Matt made his decision and after, what? 8 grueling weeks and 25 women he has found his true love and it was not Chelsea, but crazy Shayne! Why does that make me so happy. Those cagey Bachelor editors had me going and by the end of last night episode I was rooting for Shayne with her bleach blond hair and her big brown doe eyes all the way. I’m even hoping those two zany kids make it.
    I’d be tuning in to watch Shayne take on London. All her wild mad antics around Buckingham Palace. What fun.

    And they have quite a fan club over on Youtube there are even fan videos. Check out this one that will make you believe in this love story:

    It was a sweet silly ending to a pretty boring season and now I’m ready for next week and DeAnna- The Bachelorette. Let’s watch 25 men make fools of themselves whining in limos talking about how they felt an “amazing connection.” Right. At least Nana will be watching with me.