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    So Fresh….Again.

    Happy Monday! So it’s getting towards the end of year and time to start making those resolutions and get to thinking about all the new things we’ll all be doing to start all over and so oh so much better come January 1. Well I’m over that. I’m ready to go all in while the getting is good. Who knows come January  1st I may not be as motivated as I am today.  Heck, I could be knee-deep in a New Year’s hangover by then so the way I figure it I’d better move while I still have this notion in my head before I talk myself out of it which I’ve been known to do.  Now I’m not talking anything major (well, maybe I am…I don’t know something has to give) but as for now I’m talking some tweaks in the right direction. Who knows, I may just fool myself into getting healthy. Now where is it you find these things called “Fruit” and “Veg”?



    Are you planning on making any Fresh Starts come the New Year?


    All the best,



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    Just when the whole “organic doesn’t mean a hill of beans” study comes out. This book Clean goes and makes the New York Times best seller list. Insert head shake here.

    But Dr. Junger really does make a lot of sense. On top of that he’s not so bad to look at. Check out this great interview from Obsessed TV with Samantha Ettus. He had me stopped in my tracks. I was like preach to the choir why don’t cha?

    Now as lots of you know I suffer from migraines and have for years plus allergies which I get 6, yes, 6 stinking shots a week for. I’m pretty much allergic to just about everything in the air and at this point I don’t know if the shots are doing a bit of good. Besides that, as my faithful readers know my personality is somewhat that of a constant thinker and worrier so after watching this interview with Dr. Junger you know I’ll be picking up his book.

    As for practicing The Clean Program? Ummm….. I’m like, Jack with his new diet and making no promises. You all know how much I like to deprive myself. Sigh.

    I’ll let ya know.

    In other book news… My favorite housewife NeNe Leakes has her book Never Make The Same Mistake Twice coming out today. Good luck NeNe!


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    It’s a McWonder

    Happy Friday everyone. I hope you all have a nice weekend planned. Lately it seems for me the weekends are just blending with the week and it all feels the same. Work, work and more work just on a different day. I need a McVacation to sort things out.

    My mind is cluttered with strange things that it probably should not be, but, well, it is. And here is one of them that’s a bit old but still stuck with me especially since I’m off the sugar and white products for Lent. Honestly at this point I’d give my pinky toe for a decent diner grilled cheese with bacon on good old white bread with a big side of fries. Oh be still my heart.

    Stop, Kwana, that’s not the story. Breath. This is the story. Did you hear about the woman who called 911 because McDonald’s didn’t have her McNuggets and wouldn’t refund her money?

    Well, a woman goes into McDonald’s orders a 10 piece nuggets they take her money and then tell her they are out of the nuggets and she can have something else. She asks for her money back and they refuse to give it saying all sales are final. What’s with that? That sounds like robbery to me.

    Now you know when you’ve got your mind set on something in particular you want that thing. Nothing else will do. Like, I want a grilled cheese on White bread with bacon right now. Not on whole grain with fat free cheese. And if you get me on the wrong day I may have to call 911 on you if you don’t give me my money back.

    It turns out the woman was given a summons for abusing the 911 system for calling 3 times. She says she called back to get the address correct. I say the restaurant was at fault for not refunding her money. Worse for taking it in the first place and giving her false Nugget hope.

    Turns out McDonald’s has sent her a bunch of coupons and are now offering a refund. I say they owe her a lot more than that. You don’t go messing with a lady when she’s got food on her mind.


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    What’s Your Number?

    What’s Jack up to? Right now Jack chilling, soundly asleep, as if he spent all day working ever so hard. Oh a dogs life. If only we all had it as good as Jack.

    So I’m at knitting and posed this question: “Would you tell your husband your number?” No, not that number. I know where your minds are going. Your weight. Your REAL weight. Just hopped off the scale that minute weight.

    Well, there are 5 of us in knitting and I was shocked. SHOCKED. That 3 of the woman said, “sure why not?” They would tell their husbands their weight. And, yeah ,they are all in great shape. But still. Wow. Only one other woman was with me with the No Way. It doesn’t matter that we have complete opposite backgrounds. I call her my twin separated at birth. She’s Jill and I’m NeNe.

    This all came about with the whole Lent giving up sugar thing (BTW day 1 was tough) and the DH is giving up red meat. He thought that we should weigh ourselves. Now of course I know my weight. I have my scale. Go to WW. I pretty much know my weight daily. He’s a man he doesn’t think of these things much. So I was like fine. I go weight myself and clam up.

    The DH asks am I going to tell him. I’m like, “Uh, no.” Are you going to tell me. He’s like, ” sure.” I said, “great.”He tells. I don’t.

    Some things just don’t need to be said. Now, I’m a tall woman just about the same height as my DH, but nobody wants to be too close in weight to their hubby not unless their nickname is Octomom and they are still pregnant.

    I think that most men have a false ideal of what a woman should weigh and if they hear a number of say over 150-160 (ha what I would gave for that) they think it’s too large. No matter the actual size or body type. What do you think?

    So a little survey today. Would you tell your number?


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    Next Stop… Crazy Town

    Today is the start of Lent. A time of refection, prayer and sacrifice. Reflection, introspection, prayer, cool. I can do that all day. But sacrifice? Hold it. Slow it down there a bit, baby. You all know me, I’m pretty faithful, maybe a bit corny for some of you, but, oh well to that. Just this sacrifice thing is a little daunting.

    Nevertheless, I’ve been thinking long and hard about what would be a true Sacrifice for this Lent season and what would truly help me mind, body and spirit and unfortunately for me I keep coming back to Sugar.

    I know, I know, it stinks right? Why couldn’t it be something easy like um, water or, um… air? But no. Sugar keeps popping into my head. So I’m going with it and am going to try to seriously eliminate the Sugar and the white products. This here blog might get a little bit scary over the next few weeks. Hold onto your hats!

    Now back to your normally scheduled programming: Anybody watching The Not So Real Housewives of the NYC? I sure am. Yay to the hot messery. I didn’t realize how much I missed Alex and Simon. Not. But I love it anyways. Love the fast talking New York women. My peeps!

    And don’t forget tonight is the season finale for Top Chef. Fingers crossed for Carla!

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    Bad Dog!

    What’s Jack up to? That Jack, well he’s all clean, but he’s his usual devilish self. I’m calling him and he’s ignoring me so I go to investigate why and I see he’s under my bed busy munching on my freebie Weight Watcher fruit and nut bar that I got at my last meeting. Bummer, I was so looking forward to trying that too. I could have sworn I had it put up. Who knows how Jack got too it. Darn Jack!

    Off to write. Novel idea eh? Sorry.
    Not much to talk about today. Oh, I know, anyone have thoughts on a Governor having a tanning bed in the mansion? Any real reason to need it besides that healthy orange glow? Lack of sunlight perhaps? Depression? Come on people help me out here. I’m trying to make this alright and not always be so cynical, but she’s the gift that just keeps on giving. And we (ok, me) were laughing at Shayne Lamas for tanning on The Bachelor. Who knew she was just building up her resume. Probably getting ready for her up coming cabinet position. Hush up, Kwana! Ok.

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    Monday Monday

    What’s Jack up to? He’s getting over the 4th of July weekend activities by relaxing. Big fun was had by man and beast alike.

    So I made it for 5 days in the 21 day cleanse. Not so good huh? The July 4th holiday totally derailed me. I caved and had a cocktail or 2, okay three. Sigh…
    Oh well. Then when it came down to the stupid cleanse or dinner with lovely friends. I went for dinner with friends and neighbors. Besides our electricity went out. A sure sign from God to head on out of the house and congregate with the friends and neighbors and a wee bit of cheese. I’m not sorry either. I will say I triumphed over coffee and sugar. I have not had any and I’m dying for some. Check out the video below blatantly stolen from Dooce. Just plug in the word coffee for cookie and it perfectly describes how I feel.

    I actually got a lot out of my few days on the cleanse. I didn’t lose an ounce, but I got a slightly clearer mind and a renewed energy toward my WW goals. I will be back to a meeting this week and back on track with that. So there’s a plus. And I know I’ll be eating cleaner. I also fell in love with Trader Joe’s gluten free pancakes and Morning Star farms veggie burgers and sausages. Who would have thunk that?

    Till tomorrow. Who knows what track I’ll be on?


    It’s the big Bachelorette finale tonight. Will it be the roaming life or the ready made family for DeAnna? Oh and I hear Jeremy is not out for the count yet. Hmm…

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    Shiny and New

    What’s Jack up to? He’s trying to get used to having the kids around most of the day. I know it’s strange, huh, Jack. I’m trying to figure the whole thing out too.

    So I’ve been consumed with thoughts lately of the whole cleansing thing that been all over the place. On Oprah, and I’ve had friends do their own version and then this past week the cleanse idea has been popping up all over the blogs with Dooce giving it a go and making it about 8 valiant days and Isuwannee saying she wants to give it a try too.
    So since it’s been so on my mind I woke up yesterday morning feeling like today’s the day. As if that would be so easy. But I’ve been feeling so sluggish and run down that I felt that I needed some sort of jump start to get me on track.

    The idea is to eliminate: sugar, caffeine, alcohol, gluten and animal products. I seem to be able to make it though most of a day pretty well, but by dinner I’m dying for some meat. So I’m doing the gently leaning in thing that Kathy Freston talked about and taking it slow.
    What do you all think of all this crazy cleanse talk, anybody gave it a try?
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    Write to get right

    What’s Jack up to? He’s kinda quiet this morning which makes me a little nervous. Like a toddler, when Jack is too quiet it means he’s into something. Yesterday it was going though the DS’s pockets to look for hidden candy.

    What am I reading right now? Well, I’m glad you asked. Ok, I’m not crazy, you didn’t ask and you may not really care, but it’s my blog so I’m sharing anyway. I got this book The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron from a good friend, Patricia of PVE Design who did my lovely banner design.

    Patrica and I have been friends for years, working together in fashion and bonding over both having twins. In all the years she’s known me I’ve always been on one diet or another. She also knows what a fan I am of Julia Cameron and her books The Artists Way and The Right to Write. So when Patricia heard Julia speaking on Oprah XM radio she ran out and got this book for me.

    I’m just about done with it and so far it’s really interesting and different as far as diet books go. Julia doesn’t endorse any one diet program just “clean” eating and whatever works for you so it can be done in conjunction with whatever your doing (for me it’s WW… again).
    She stresses getting in touch with your feelings through writing as a deterrent to eating. So instead of going for the chips she suggests going for the pen and exploring why you’re really eating. It gets pretty deep and asks some tough questions. But they are important ones.
    I have a feeling I’ll be writing a whole lot in the upcoming weeks. Wish me luck.

    On another note check out the cool tote I unexpectedly got in the mail yesterday from Domino Magazine. I got it for subscribing and as far as free totes go I love it. I’m a huge tote girl. It’s a beautiful chocolate brown accented with a cool turquoise. Very chic and a perfect functional size. Thanks Domino! Love Ya.