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    Going Green

    No, not quite in the way you’re thinking. See yesterday was National Coffee Day (not sure how true this is but it was twitter true so I decided to take it as gospel) and because of this I think I may have drank my weight in coffee.

    So now I’m thinking I need to go a little (LITTLE operative word) Green to counteract all that dark brew. Can’t hurt and the benefits could be good for my RA. I’m wondering what small changes are you making for your health? Any?


    Happy Friday!





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    Shiny and New

    What’s Jack up to? He’s trying to get used to having the kids around most of the day. I know it’s strange, huh, Jack. I’m trying to figure the whole thing out too.

    So I’ve been consumed with thoughts lately of the whole cleansing thing that been all over the place. On Oprah, and I’ve had friends do their own version and then this past week the cleanse idea has been popping up all over the blogs with Dooce giving it a go and making it about 8 valiant days and Isuwannee saying she wants to give it a try too.
    So since it’s been so on my mind I woke up yesterday morning feeling like today’s the day. As if that would be so easy. But I’ve been feeling so sluggish and run down that I felt that I needed some sort of jump start to get me on track.

    The idea is to eliminate: sugar, caffeine, alcohol, gluten and animal products. I seem to be able to make it though most of a day pretty well, but by dinner I’m dying for some meat. So I’m doing the gently leaning in thing that Kathy Freston talked about and taking it slow.
    What do you all think of all this crazy cleanse talk, anybody gave it a try?