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It’s a McWonder

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you all have a nice weekend planned. Lately it seems for me the weekends are just blending with the week and it all feels the same. Work, work and more work just on a different day. I need a McVacation to sort things out.

My mind is cluttered with strange things that it probably should not be, but, well, it is. And here is one of them that’s a bit old but still stuck with me especially since I’m off the sugar and white products for Lent. Honestly at this point I’d give my pinky toe for a decent diner grilled cheese with bacon on good old white bread with a big side of fries. Oh be still my heart.

Stop, Kwana, that’s not the story. Breath. This is the story. Did you hear about the woman who called 911 because McDonald’s didn’t have her McNuggets and wouldn’t refund her money?

Well, a woman goes into McDonald’s orders a 10 piece nuggets they take her money and then tell her they are out of the nuggets and she can have something else. She asks for her money back and they refuse to give it saying all sales are final. What’s with that? That sounds like robbery to me.

Now you know when you’ve got your mind set on something in particular you want that thing. Nothing else will do. Like, I want a grilled cheese on White bread with bacon right now. Not on whole grain with fat free cheese. And if you get me on the wrong day I may have to call 911 on you if you don’t give me my money back.

It turns out the woman was given a summons for abusing the 911 system for calling 3 times. She says she called back to get the address correct. I say the restaurant was at fault for not refunding her money. Worse for taking it in the first place and giving her false Nugget hope.

Turns out McDonald’s has sent her a bunch of coupons and are now offering a refund. I say they owe her a lot more than that. You don’t go messing with a lady when she’s got food on her mind.