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CRASH INTO ME- Why Don’t Cha?

What’s Jack Up to? You know Jack, being as silly as ever. Last night he starts barking his head off, just about waking up the whole neighborhood. I was watching Make Me A Super Model with Tyson Beckford and “Ding-Dong” the doorbell rings on the TV. Jack just loses his mind at that sound thinking it’s our door late at night. We could not convince him it wasn’t for about 10 minutes. Thanks Tyson. BTW I’m really enjoying that show this season. Anyone else?

A while back I was over at Carolyn Jean’s blog A Trillionth Page, you can check it out here ,and was lucky enough to win a copy of Jill Sorenson’s Super Sexy thriller CRASH INTO ME. Love a lucky blog day!

About a week later I got a lovely signed copy from Jill. Yay! Jill does a wonderful job writing strong, but very sexy characters while still making them vulnerable. You are instantly engaged with her flawed characters and kept on the edge of your seat with both the suspenseful thriller and the sexy romance. I’m talking Hot!

Here’s the blurb from Publishers Weekly:

From Publishers Weekly: Sorenson (Dangerous to Touch) sends tough, emotionally withdrawn FBI agent Sonora Sonny Vasquez to a small California town to investigate a series of murders in this high-tension romantic thriller. The prime suspect is famed pro surfer Ben Fortune, who lives with his emotionally damaged teenage daughter, Carly. When Sonny saves Carly from a possible suicide attempt, she meets Ben, and sparks ignite. As Sonny struggles to keep her distance, other suspects emerge: Carly’s troubled friend James, his monstrous father and his strange older brother. The tension revs as more corpses and clues seem to point back to Ben, culminating in a page-turning climax as the killer is finally unmasked. Despite the mystery, the real energy comes from the emotional relationships full of explosive sex and terrible secrets.

Thanks so much Jill and CJ!

You can learn more about Jill Sorenson and her exciting new works at her website here.

BTW? Have you read any good thrillers lately? Do you read thrillers?