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Write to get right

What’s Jack up to? He’s kinda quiet this morning which makes me a little nervous. Like a toddler, when Jack is too quiet it means he’s into something. Yesterday it was going though the DS’s pockets to look for hidden candy.

What am I reading right now? Well, I’m glad you asked. Ok, I’m not crazy, you didn’t ask and you may not really care, but it’s my blog so I’m sharing anyway. I got this book The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron from a good friend, Patricia of PVE Design who did my lovely banner design.

Patrica and I have been friends for years, working together in fashion and bonding over both having twins. In all the years she’s known me I’ve always been on one diet or another. She also knows what a fan I am of Julia Cameron and her books The Artists Way and The Right to Write. So when Patricia heard Julia speaking on Oprah XM radio she ran out and got this book for me.

I’m just about done with it and so far it’s really interesting and different as far as diet books go. Julia doesn’t endorse any one diet program just “clean” eating and whatever works for you so it can be done in conjunction with whatever your doing (for me it’s WW… again).
She stresses getting in touch with your feelings through writing as a deterrent to eating. So instead of going for the chips she suggests going for the pen and exploring why you’re really eating. It gets pretty deep and asks some tough questions. But they are important ones.
I have a feeling I’ll be writing a whole lot in the upcoming weeks. Wish me luck.

On another note check out the cool tote I unexpectedly got in the mail yesterday from Domino Magazine. I got it for subscribing and as far as free totes go I love it. I’m a huge tote girl. It’s a beautiful chocolate brown accented with a cool turquoise. Very chic and a perfect functional size. Thanks Domino! Love Ya.