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Who is The Mole?

What’s Jack up to? He’s feeling a little better and more like himself today after being a bit down yesterday so everybody had better watch out!

So The Bachelorette was on last night and I don’t know if i was just too busy with life to get into it, but it seemed really long to me. But there was there was plenty was over-emotion to go around. The saddest moment had to be when the sweet science geek Richard was sent packing without a rose in the middle of the show. No way. Oh DeAnna! I’m sure Richard will not be hurting for dates now though.

This is the season of themes and the guys played cowboys and got dressed up. Jason came clean about his son and and they all kept hating on Jeremy. It still didn’t matter because DeAnna be hot for him!

In the end there was a sad departure for young Paul and a really funny departure from Ron who is totally delusional. “Um, she didn’t reject me she just picked other guys.” Right. you keep telling yourself that, dude.

Are you The Mole? Well it sure ain’t me. But I’m already liking this show. Now that could have been longer. I just love an action show. How much fun was it that they all got The Mole wrong? And how much to we love that, Nicole, the OBGYN doctor, knows how to bring the drama?

Is this the end?

Could this possibly be the end of this long primary season? Some are saying, yes. I had mixed feelings about posing this on my blog, because I do really like my senator from New York, but really this is just to funny to keep to myself. Check it out. Thanks DD.

If this is not the end today? Big Sigh. I’m tired and ready for the real race to start.