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    The More things Change II

    What’s Jack up to? Jackster is being a sly one. Constantly sneaking off lately and getting into things that he’s not supposed to. Oh that Jack what am I going to do with you?
    Dancing with the Stars started last night and for me the only reasons to watch were Susan Lucci and Toni (un-break my heart) Braxton. That body of Toni’s is amazing after two babies. Man. Another reason to watch is to see Chef Rocco DiSpirito try and dance. Most of you know my hate/ hate relationship with him from Top chief. I want to see Karina give him a run for his money. Bruno actually brought up the word cattle prod when referring to him. Hmm…

    I have a small rant today. You can read about my old rant on this subject in The More Things Change here. After perusing the big honking 798 page September Fall fashion issue of Vogue I noticed the slim editorial section didn’t have not one black model. NOT 1. And after they waxed so poetic on the subject the month before. And sadly this month even in the way too many pages of advertising there were very few Black models or models of any diversity.

    Kudos to Harper’s Bazaar for their September Tyra cover, Michelle Obama inspired spread and and their Benneton inspired spread which looked back to the 8o’s to move forward. Refreshing. Now why don’t I subscribe to Bazaar. I really should.

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    Do these kids make my butt look big?

    What’s Jack up to? He’s chilling today and just wishing that spring or even summer would finally come. It’s now May 21 and all of 48 degrees here this morning. Brrrrr.

    I’m watching Oprah, yesterday like moms the world over at 4:oo. I know so cliche, right. Sorry. So, Lady O is doing a show about that show 10 Years Younger which airs on TLC, which I love when I catch it. The show is featuring moms who have kinda let themselves go pretty much putting the needs of their family before taking care of themselves. Boy was she preaching to the choir, I thought as I looked down at yesterday’s jeans and my standard uniform tee shirt.

    Lately, my entire existence has been a big pre-teen and now teen filled angst time suck/mind suck, that has honestly left me stressed and haggard. Now I know I willingly signed up for it so don’t start throwing your tomatoes, I may just throw them back. But the show like all shows like them at least got me thinking for the moment to take some more time for myself and not put EVERYTHING into everyone else. I instantly called my hairdresser.

    Lady O talked with this author and I guess new guru, Kathy Freston about making over your life and you know me, I went straight to the Westchester Library website and ordered her book because I just love all things Oprah and a good self help book. Oh happy day. I’ll let you know how it is. But you also know I’m a flibbertigibbet so who know how that will work out. Eek.

    She also talk about this 21 day cleanse thing. Oh, I just love Oprah. She will try anything. Whenever the weight is creeping back on her she is telling the world and dieting with everyone just like me. What a hot mess. Say what you will. I’m with you O. Not sure about the cleanse, though. That Kathy is skinny as all get out and a Vegan to boot. Pla-ease! I’m still having trouble with Core, but we’ll see.
    On another note: It was back to girl power on Dancing with the Stars. It got down to Kristi and Jason as at he final 2 as it should have been. I have to say I was pulling for Jason because he is such a heartthrob but I’m fine that Kristi won it. I’m glad a girl won it. It was a fun season.



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    Reversal of Fortune

    What’s Jack up to? As I write this he’s snuggled up on his bed sleeping like a little sweetheart. If only.

    So, The Bachelorette came on last night. You did watch, didn’t you? The show starts with a recap of how DeAnna’s heart was broken last season by Brad the cad.

    Then we get into this season’s guys. There were some Freaks and some Geeks. I could have done without seeing guys shaving their own chest hair thanks or the oyster farmer talking about a pearl necklace. I just don’t want to go there thank you very much.

    But it didn’t matter I was sucked in with the handsome math teacher and the motorcycle riding real estate attorney who got the first impression rose. It was so much fun watching guys fight for time, making fools of themselves and also being vulnerable.
    One guy, a chef, decided to start cooking in the middle of the party. A crab martini. Sounds like a winner. Hey does he work at Legal Seafood? Can he get her in without the hour wait?
    Then DeAnna brings out her good looking girlfriend as a distraction and a way to see who is really into her or who would be into just any pretty girl. I suspect some may be into just any pretty girl. Especially the one that asked her to sit on his lap!
    The night goes on and just as the producers want the liquor keeps flowing. Finally, men start to strip and jump into cold pools, there’s talk of shrinkage and they have a right good show.
    I don’t know about you but I’ll be watching this season. What about you? Got to see the “amazing connections” and the tears in the limo. Hey we almost got some tears on this show. There was howling. I kid you not.
    On another note it was the Finals for Dancing With The Stars. Any Predictions? I thought Kristi was flawless but my heart and I know lots of hearts are with Jason all the way.

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    To love a Cougar or not? It’s a jungle out there

    What’s Jack up to? He’s stealing socks today and hiding in the closet. Ugh. It’s toddler time all over again.

    What’s with the cougar in my blog title. Well, I was watching American Idol which I really haven’t followed this season, but it was on while I was scurrying back and forth with dinner so I got into it. While it was on I saw a sign flash that said “Cougars 4 Cook” and I was like, Eww! Now the whole Cougar thing never really crossed my mind before and it’s been out so long that it’s kind of over I think, but in the context of ultra pure American Idol it just seemed wrong and, well, Eww, to me.

    Now most us are women of a certain age here. Chime in and tell me what do you all think of the term Cougar?

    While I’m at it what do you think of The AI final 3? I like Syesha and think she should win. David A. is too sweet, besides his Dad is already banned and David C. will be just fine no matter if he wins or not, but the judges clearly don’t like Syesha. I don’t get it.

    Now sort of still on the “cougar” topic lets talk the Sex and the City premiere and the fashions! Specifically, Sara Jessica Parker’s dress and hat. It’s all the talk with the New York papers. I have to say, I’m not a fan. I feel that she was trying too hard with this one and the color was not for her. Does anyone else remember the episode with Burger and the cooky hat where he made fun of her? This was the same thing! Say it ain’t so, Carrie. Big sigh. I do like Kim Cattrall’s look though.

    And, we won’t even talk about the decision of having the premier in London over New York when New York was the 5th star of the show. Whatever. I’ll still be buying my ticket.

    So it was goodbye to my spunky little Marissa on Dancing with the Stars. I know she annoyed quite a few this season with all that darn exuberance, but she always made me smile. Buh-Bye Marissa! Good luck with the baby!

    Update:I just found out on GMA that her dance partner, Tony and his wife are expecting boy/girl twins (like me!) so good luck to him too!


    Sidebar: ‘Thee that shall not be named teen’ came home yesterday hungry and mad that I did not answer thee’s lunchtime call to run the forgotten lunch over to school. Pla-ease! As if.

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    Still Dancing and holding history

    What’s Jack up to? Poor thing. He’s bummed about all the rain today. I’m sorry Jack. No long walks today. Maybe tomorrow, Bud.

    I recently received the most wonderful and thoughtful gift, which was way too big for the small favor I did and it fits in perfectly with my post yesterday (see below). My lovely friend, Sue hands me a package from her and her DH and I open it and it’s a book called Dear Mrs. Parks: A Dialogue With Today’s Youth in which Rosa Parks answers questions from kids about education and dealing with segregation in her time. I was so touched and thanked her ,telling her I would share it with my kids. It was perfect for me!

    Then she told me to really look at it. Well, it was actually signed by Rosa Parks herself! How about that! My hands started to shake. Suddenly I was holding a bit of history. It was like I was there for a minute with her on the bus. Truly, gift I will always treasure. Thanks ,Sue and Sue’s DH who is a Dear, dear DH!

    So I did get to watch last nights Dancing With The… Stars? It was fun, but maybe I was tired because I enjoyed the men more. I have to first give a thumbs up to Priscilla Presley. Wow. She really surprised me. I got past her whole look and got into her dance and thought she did a great job. I love that Lisa Marie was there cheering her mom on.

    Next up was the cute little firecracker Marissa Jaret Winokur. I just love her energy. I think she’ll add lots of much needed fun to the show. I hope she stays around a long time.

    The star for me last night was Kristi Yamaguchi, did you have a doubt? She was fantastic and I think will be the standout for the season if folks don’t get lax with the votes like I did last night. I was so tired!

    Well I’m off to write! What’s on tap for you day. It’s Wednesday to big night tonight! Viva Top Chef!