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Still Dancing and holding history

What’s Jack up to? Poor thing. He’s bummed about all the rain today. I’m sorry Jack. No long walks today. Maybe tomorrow, Bud.

I recently received the most wonderful and thoughtful gift, which was way too big for the small favor I did and it fits in perfectly with my post yesterday (see below). My lovely friend, Sue hands me a package from her and her DH and I open it and it’s a book called Dear Mrs. Parks: A Dialogue With Today’s Youth in which Rosa Parks answers questions from kids about education and dealing with segregation in her time. I was so touched and thanked her ,telling her I would share it with my kids. It was perfect for me!

Then she told me to really look at it. Well, it was actually signed by Rosa Parks herself! How about that! My hands started to shake. Suddenly I was holding a bit of history. It was like I was there for a minute with her on the bus. Truly, gift I will always treasure. Thanks ,Sue and Sue’s DH who is a Dear, dear DH!

So I did get to watch last nights Dancing With The… Stars? It was fun, but maybe I was tired because I enjoyed the men more. I have to first give a thumbs up to Priscilla Presley. Wow. She really surprised me. I got past her whole look and got into her dance and thought she did a great job. I love that Lisa Marie was there cheering her mom on.

Next up was the cute little firecracker Marissa Jaret Winokur. I just love her energy. I think she’ll add lots of much needed fun to the show. I hope she stays around a long time.

The star for me last night was Kristi Yamaguchi, did you have a doubt? She was fantastic and I think will be the standout for the season if folks don’t get lax with the votes like I did last night. I was so tired!

Well I’m off to write! What’s on tap for you day. It’s Wednesday to big night tonight! Viva Top Chef!