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Do these kids make my butt look big?

What’s Jack up to? He’s chilling today and just wishing that spring or even summer would finally come. It’s now May 21 and all of 48 degrees here this morning. Brrrrr.

I’m watching Oprah, yesterday like moms the world over at 4:oo. I know so cliche, right. Sorry. So, Lady O is doing a show about that show 10 Years Younger which airs on TLC, which I love when I catch it. The show is featuring moms who have kinda let themselves go pretty much putting the needs of their family before taking care of themselves. Boy was she preaching to the choir, I thought as I looked down at yesterday’s jeans and my standard uniform tee shirt.

Lately, my entire existence has been a big pre-teen and now teen filled angst time suck/mind suck, that has honestly left me stressed and haggard. Now I know I willingly signed up for it so don’t start throwing your tomatoes, I may just throw them back. But the show like all shows like them at least got me thinking for the moment to take some more time for myself and not put EVERYTHING into everyone else. I instantly called my hairdresser.

Lady O talked with this author and I guess new guru, Kathy Freston about making over your life and you know me, I went straight to the Westchester Library website and ordered her book because I just love all things Oprah and a good self help book. Oh happy day. I’ll let you know how it is. But you also know I’m a flibbertigibbet so who know how that will work out. Eek.

She also talk about this 21 day cleanse thing. Oh, I just love Oprah. She will try anything. Whenever the weight is creeping back on her she is telling the world and dieting with everyone just like me. What a hot mess. Say what you will. I’m with you O. Not sure about the cleanse, though. That Kathy is skinny as all get out and a Vegan to boot. Pla-ease! I’m still having trouble with Core, but we’ll see.
On another note: It was back to girl power on Dancing with the Stars. It got down to Kristi and Jason as at he final 2 as it should have been. I have to say I was pulling for Jason because he is such a heartthrob but I’m fine that Kristi won it. I’m glad a girl won it. It was a fun season.