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    T’was The Night Before Christmas

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Jack. I’m so sorry for laughing at you when you were slip sliding across the ice, but it was just too cute and funny. I apologize.

    Here’s a little something for you Richard Armitage fans. Much better than visions of Sugarplums I think. Yes? And if you’re not a fan, why? Like I’ve said before, get thee to North and South or at least a bit of fun with Robin Hood. Guy of Gisborne is so worth it.
    Thanks to Ramblings on Romance by way of Carolyn Jean for the clip. Sweet dreams.


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    Look of Love

    What’s Jack up to? Dear Jack’s in trouble for snatching a juice pouch and going on the run with it. Thanks for the fine mess to clean up, Jack. I needed a little more work to do.

    How much to I love my local library? Thissssssss much. Why? Because I got to watch this over the weekend in between the dust, heat and baseball. So much fun.

    And how much to I love sweet smiles, deep voices and happy endings? Thisssssss much!!!

    And how much do I love crazy fans that make YouTube videos that show how much they love the above but not in a creepy way. Thissssss much too!!!

    Have a great day. Hopefully it’s not a heat wave where you are. They say it’s the last day for it in New York. I sure hope so. I’m running on E right about now.

    Slight Spoiler Alert Here!

    This behind the scene is really lovely. Warning Spoiler Alert too!!



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    What I’m Watching… The joy!

    What’s Jack up to? Getting over the July 4th festivities. Oh the hangover!

    So check out what I finally got out of the library. I only had to wait forever.

    With such horribly campy lines as “I shot the sheriff” and “No, you shot the deputy.” I had to wonder who was writing this thing and what were they thinking?

    Then the question arises why would I watch something with lines this bad?

    Need I say more?



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    Strong and Silent

    What’s Jack up to? Well he’s back home from his big city weekend. I guess he’s happy. It’s hard to tell. He’s only slightly uppity, turning his nose up at his food and all. Was he having leftovers from Perilla? But he does seem thrilled to frolic in the grass again.

    I missed a bit of The Bachelorette last night doing baseball duty since the DH is away on business during Hell Week part Deux and missing all the joy. Lucky man eh?
    Man, I knew for sure that it would be Jesse flying away on his hair wings. Boy, was I wrong. Dear Nana had it so right.

    It was moody Graham getting the boot. Nana sure called it. Comparing Graham’s moods to my late grandfather. I had to crack up at that one. She was right he was a moody man.

    What is it about those brooding men that we like so much? They are bound to break our hearts. Did DeAnna make a good call by saving herself some definite heartache from a man that clearly did not know how to show his emotions or should she have stuck it out for the passion that was sure to come?

    What you think and while we’re at it, who are some of your favorite brooding heroes? Here is one of mine from North and South. Le Sigh.



    PS- scroll down for more hot messery. I’m chatty. sorry.

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    Thank you Mr. Thornton

    What’s Jack up to? He’s feeling rambunctious today. Bounding around the house and jumping on the kid’s heels as they go off to school. Sorry, Jack, you’re stuck with just me.
    Thanks so much to all of you who visited and made comments yesterday. I know it wasn’t my sparkling wit, but Richard’s. So, thank you Richard Armitage. Thanks to you I’ve made some wonderful new friends. Please keep stopping by.

    I want you all to know that like a good crusader I am spreading the word. I got in my car last night and slipped the North and South DVD into a friend’s mailbox. Hopefully, we’ll hear from her soon. Got to share the love!

    Now I know we were all distracted by Mr. Armitage and the perfection of North and South, but as a writer and a reader, I’d still love to know what are some of your favorite heroes from book or film and as an add on question: what is it that makes a good hero? Is it the face, the body, the voice or is it the manner that makes the man. Do you go for the sweet sensitive type or is it the bad boys that get you going?
    For me it’s the bad boy combined with just enough vulnerability to make your heart ache. John Thornton embodied this perfectly for me.


    Stay tuned for Project Runway recap!

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    North and South has done me in

    What’s Jack up to? He’s quite playful today and constantly getting into trouble. Jack where are my shoes?

    Thanks to my PIC, Megan, I am undone.
    “You’ve got to watch North and South,” she said so innocently. “Trust me you will love it.” Little did I know that this BBC drama had mystical powers and by about 1/2 hour into it I would thoroughly be inducted into the N&S cult? How perfect can a mini-series be? Pretty darned perfect. I finished it with the hugest grin on my face and wanting to cry all at the same time. It was an emotional slug fest.
    What can I say about Richard Armitage that hasn’t been said on a hundred other blogs? Probably nothing- the many You Tube fan videos prove it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOAOqIgJ_jw – but I’ll go anyway. Those hard eyes, strong jaw and that sweeping nose that was often times a scene stealer. He’s instantly up there on my list of top brooding heartthrobs. A pure Alpha male in every way. So thanks Megan. The next dude will sure have some big shoes to fill. Man, I want to write a guy like that when I grow up.

    And that kiss. Well. That kiss. It jumps high up on my list of most swoon –worthy cinema moments. Up there with greats like:
    -The Happy Birthday scene in Mississippi Masala. You know you loved it. Denzel and a whispered serenade. Come on.
    -The final kiss between Bridget and Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones Diary. Naked, snow and being wrapped in his coat. So warm.
    -The first dance between Lizzie and Mr. Darcy from the bbc Pride and Prejudice. Just a touch of the hand and she was done for.
    -And now the Kiss between Margaret and John in North and South. I’m sure you can just imagine what that train ride to Milton was like.

    Now it’s your turn to share. Who are some of your all time swoon-worthy scenes or heroes from books or film? Do tell. Confession is good for the soul.


    So, now where can I get my hands on some episodes of Robin Hood?