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Thank you Mr. Thornton

What’s Jack up to? He’s feeling rambunctious today. Bounding around the house and jumping on the kid’s heels as they go off to school. Sorry, Jack, you’re stuck with just me.
Thanks so much to all of you who visited and made comments yesterday. I know it wasn’t my sparkling wit, but Richard’s. So, thank you Richard Armitage. Thanks to you I’ve made some wonderful new friends. Please keep stopping by.

I want you all to know that like a good crusader I am spreading the word. I got in my car last night and slipped the North and South DVD into a friend’s mailbox. Hopefully, we’ll hear from her soon. Got to share the love!

Now I know we were all distracted by Mr. Armitage and the perfection of North and South, but as a writer and a reader, I’d still love to know what are some of your favorite heroes from book or film and as an add on question: what is it that makes a good hero? Is it the face, the body, the voice or is it the manner that makes the man. Do you go for the sweet sensitive type or is it the bad boys that get you going?
For me it’s the bad boy combined with just enough vulnerability to make your heart ache. John Thornton embodied this perfectly for me.


Stay tuned for Project Runway recap!