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Fredrick goes to PR- Blogging Project Runway

There is something so wrong with this picture and the funny fact that Tim Gunn said “fierce” twice in one show. Look at it. The poor man is scared witless.My initial reaction was to hold my head in agony at the thought of the PR crew designing outfits for the WWE girls. What’s up with that? Would someone tell me how that showcases a designers natural talent? The whole point of the show is developing a new designers vision. Now if that vision is doing WWE costumes or Vegas showgirl dresses. Then fine. Glam it up. (Go Chris!) But if it’s not, give a challange that really shows what the designers will do once they get their own collection. What, will they be doing Holiday themed sweaters next week?

Ok, after all those emotions I sat and got into the spirt of the show. It’s PR time to have fun.

So it’s Buh-Bye, Ricky. Wipe your weepy eyes. You’re going to a better place. Probaly the Bryant park tents where all good PR castoffs eventually go. Sort of like the land of misfit toys.

I have to say. I didn’t hate Ricky’s bathing suit. Sure if he put shorts or a skirt over it he would have been better or if he went the whole Jenny-from- the- block , Ghetto fab way he could have rocked it.

For my money this week it should have Rami with Sweet P in the bottom 2.
Although Sweet P’s outfit was gawd awful to me Rami should have gone home.

Sweet P’s Salute to Fredrick of Hollywood. Soon to be in costume shops everywhere.

Rami, what’s with the different patterns on the breast? What woman in the world want sequins on one breast and ruffles on the other? Anyone, anyone? She looks like a farm-girl with an identity crisis.

Christian, playing the stage mom and watching over his DIVA.
I totally got into the Prince/ Vanity Six moment.

Jillian’s homage to American Gladiators. Cute, but not memorable.

Our winner, Chris here, happy a clam and feeling good in his element. I’m loving Chris’ spirt right now. That laugh always cracks me up. I’m so happy he returned to the show.

Check out the judges, laughing nervously and all vowing to call their agents as soon as they are off set. “I thought this was a fashion competition,” Nina is probably saying under her breath.

So who’s your money on for the top three? I’m going to step out and say, Christian, Chris and Jillian. The judges may be getting tired of Rami and his draping (I am) and Sweet P’s days seem numbered. We’ll see next week. Until then…