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    North and South has done me in

    What’s Jack up to? He’s quite playful today and constantly getting into trouble. Jack where are my shoes?

    Thanks to my PIC, Megan, I am undone.
    “You’ve got to watch North and South,” she said so innocently. “Trust me you will love it.” Little did I know that this BBC drama had mystical powers and by about 1/2 hour into it I would thoroughly be inducted into the N&S cult? How perfect can a mini-series be? Pretty darned perfect. I finished it with the hugest grin on my face and wanting to cry all at the same time. It was an emotional slug fest.
    What can I say about Richard Armitage that hasn’t been said on a hundred other blogs? Probably nothing- the many You Tube fan videos prove it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOAOqIgJ_jw – but I’ll go anyway. Those hard eyes, strong jaw and that sweeping nose that was often times a scene stealer. He’s instantly up there on my list of top brooding heartthrobs. A pure Alpha male in every way. So thanks Megan. The next dude will sure have some big shoes to fill. Man, I want to write a guy like that when I grow up.

    And that kiss. Well. That kiss. It jumps high up on my list of most swoon –worthy cinema moments. Up there with greats like:
    -The Happy Birthday scene in Mississippi Masala. You know you loved it. Denzel and a whispered serenade. Come on.
    -The final kiss between Bridget and Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones Diary. Naked, snow and being wrapped in his coat. So warm.
    -The first dance between Lizzie and Mr. Darcy from the bbc Pride and Prejudice. Just a touch of the hand and she was done for.
    -And now the Kiss between Margaret and John in North and South. I’m sure you can just imagine what that train ride to Milton was like.

    Now it’s your turn to share. Who are some of your all time swoon-worthy scenes or heroes from books or film? Do tell. Confession is good for the soul.


    So, now where can I get my hands on some episodes of Robin Hood?