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Look of Love

What’s Jack up to? Dear Jack’s in trouble for snatching a juice pouch and going on the run with it. Thanks for the fine mess to clean up, Jack. I needed a little more work to do.

How much to I love my local library? Thissssssss much. Why? Because I got to watch this over the weekend in between the dust, heat and baseball. So much fun.

And how much to I love sweet smiles, deep voices and happy endings? Thisssssss much!!!

And how much do I love crazy fans that make YouTube videos that show how much they love the above but not in a creepy way. Thissssss much too!!!

Have a great day. Hopefully it’s not a heat wave where you are. They say it’s the last day for it in New York. I sure hope so. I’m running on E right about now.

Slight Spoiler Alert Here!

This behind the scene is really lovely. Warning Spoiler Alert too!!