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    I’ve been Tagged!!

    What’s Jack up to? What is the wild dog not up to? He’s been into so much lately. Right now I’m throwing out a stuffed toy that for some reason he picked tonight to rip to smithereens. Oh well. Your loss Jack.

    I’ve been Tagged!
    How did that happen?
    Oh that sneaky Jax that’s how. I’ll get you back somehow, Jax:)

    Ok here goes…
    Here are the rules:Link to the person who tagged you. Jax.

    Post the rules on your blog.
    List 6 unspectacular quirks you have.
    Tag 6 bloggers by linking them.
    Leave a comment on each person’s blog to let them know they’ve been tagged.

    And now, to my sadly unspectacular quirks:

    1. I’ll sort of steal the first from Jax. I kinds of like room tempature water. Too cold water gives me a headache.

    2. Speaking of headaches I can get one from the sun. You won’t catch me sunbathing on a hot day. I’m like a Gremlin running from the bright light.

    3. I’m such a child of the 80’s. I just love 80’s pop. I have an 80’s playlist on my iPod and can remember the day when MTV came on for the first time. I like totally would run to the tv at the first notes of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5zeBVffDl4 . I was going to marry HIM. What did I know? What did any of us know back then?

    4. I have this quirky thing with styling continuity when watching shows. For example it really bugged me when watching Lipstick Jungle this week with how the girls multi-strand pearls kept tangling and untangling as they walked. In the bumpy cab ride Nico even switched to a single strand mid bump. I cringed
    5. I’m really messy, but like a neat silverware drawer. Quirky, huh?
    6. I can’t stand the taste or smell of mint of any kind. Strange, but true. Don’t bring it near me.
    Ok, there are my quirks. I shared. Are you ready to share yours?

    Don’t hate- embrace!


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    What’s Jack up to? It’s raining buckets today and a small stream is running down our street so poor Jack is looking longingly out the window. Sorry, Jack no long walks today.

    Just too much premiered on tv this week. Thank goodness for old things programed into the dvr. Lipstick Jungle was taped. Whew. I think Nico’s hubby got off too easy (spoiler alert!!!) by dying. At least they know how to dress for it. Those ladies are so chic.

    Also Survivor premiered last night. Can someone tell me why these people show up dressed so inappropriately for the jungle. Suits? Dresses? What up with that? I mean if it was me, I’d look like a page from an old Banana Republic catalog. BTW, I already love that sad little Ken, the video gamer who is looking for love on Survivor and she’s already voted off. Poor thing.

    I think after the week we’ve all had we could do with a Friday funny. I laughed my butt off at this last night and again this morning. I just love Jon Stewart.

    Honestly I feel completely screwed over by this whole mess. I’ll be watching the debates or the Barack show tonight depending on if John shows up or not. What about you?


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    Stepping out of the Jungle

    Just when I’m getting into it the party’s over. Bummer.
    Last night was the season finale of Lipstick Jungle. Darn Writer’s strike made the season like 6 episodes long. I have to say I really enjoyed this totally predicable, but lovable series.

    So picture: this you’re in the shower, the hall, the bed with your twenty-something year old boy-toy and you get phone call interruptus saying that your DH just had a heart attack. Talk about Buzz kill. That was the beginning of the series finale last night. Fun stuff, huh?

    Going from this to this. Aww…

    I’m still loving the Wendy story and was totally checking out they storyboard in the background of the Masha Mason character’s apartment. I wish there was more with her DH in this episode.

    Was anyone but me surprised about Miss Victory and her stepping out with the wild pair? Oh my. Took quite a bit of the sting out of Joe (Andrew McCarthy) being all Pretty In Pink and dissing her eh?

    I can’t wait for it to come back. It’s good to get into a show again.


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    TV Talk

    What’s Jack up to? Right now he’s being a sweetie and sitting by my side enjoying the fire. Toasty hmm, Jack.
    I’m chiming in Late on Survivor this week. check them out, not working so hard. Tough life, eh?
    It was a good episode with a nice last minute twist with taking Mary out. Poor Mikey, he was totally side-swiped on that one. I know it was a long lonely walk back to their sad little camp.
    Buh-bye. Mary

    Even though Kathy is super annoying and at times sadly ignorant she has a sweetness that’s growing on me. I kind of want to see her stay around a while. That said, if her team loses next week, she’ll be on her way to homesville.
    Seeing what happened to Mary and Mikey, these other couples had better watch out. Ozzy and James are you hearing me? Do a handstand or something and get your blood back to your brains where it belongs.

    On another note what’s up with the people never being able to make fire? Come on. Once you get the call that you’re on the show don’t you think you should grab some flint and get to learning?
    So, I’m still hanging in there with Lipstick Jungle. The setting and wardrobe is just too fly.
    Although I’ll admit as far as the story goes, Wendy, the Brook Shields character has grown on me. She’s doing a good job playing the over taxed working mother. Showing strength and vulnerability. The other two, not so much. Life is just way too easy for them.

    Come on who gets dressed like Victory (love the dress by the way) and breaks out a bottle of wine to work from home after her business has crashed and she’s just let go of all of her employees? Who?

    And Nico, am I supposed to really feel for her, having that affair? If you’re doing it do it and have a blast. I just can’t feel sorry for you while you’re lounging on the floor having your photo taken by your boy toy. You’re a big executive, do you really think they are not going to come back to haunt you? Although props on the snakeskin bag. Let’s follow the steps shall we?

    1. We’re working, we’re working busy day. No time to spare.

    2. Hi, ya cutie.

    3.Ok, maybe I’ve got a little time on my hands. Let’s go. All work and no play…



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    Jungle Survivor

    What’s Jack up to? He’s just had a bath so now he’s running around circles like a loon, trying to dry off. Jack, slow down. You’re gonna make yourself crazier than you already are!

    I almost forgot that Survivor was coming back. I was flipping channels and happened upon it. Survivor 16. Crazy. I think I’m ones of the still watching. Me and the handful of my kind who make picks on the winners after the first show.
    This season it’s fans vs. favorites. Some of our old buddies are back, James, who doesn’t seem to actually own a shirt, Cirie, Yau-man and Johnny Fairplay who we know never plays fair.So I’ve made my early-bird picks and Yau-man is my 1st choice follow by Cirie.

    We’ll see who goes all the way.

    So Lipstick Jungle premiered last night. Sex and the City for the non-cable set. I have to say I liked it much better than Cashmere Mafia. The main characters were way less annoying than the mafia ladies and had a realness to them despite the excess of the show. It’s the story of three best friends that just happen to all be on the most powerful women in New York list. The show follows them as they try and juggle careers, kids, love and staying on top of the list.
    And I have a soft spot for Brooke Shields. It always makes me happy when a child star makes it to adulthood without being a raving loon.

    And the fashions, except for the opening show, which, gladly was supposed to be a mess, were fabulous. For a bonus we got to see Andrew McCarthy all grown up. Funny how he doesn’t annoy me like he used to when I was sixteen.

    photos from cbs and nbc
    After the show there was a news story on women who have it all. You know it, career, family and fab shoes. What do you think of the whole ‘having it all thing’? Is it a possiblity or a myth retold every month in glossy mags?