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TV Talk

What’s Jack up to? Right now he’s being a sweetie and sitting by my side enjoying the fire. Toasty hmm, Jack.
I’m chiming in Late on Survivor this week. check them out, not working so hard. Tough life, eh?
It was a good episode with a nice last minute twist with taking Mary out. Poor Mikey, he was totally side-swiped on that one. I know it was a long lonely walk back to their sad little camp.
Buh-bye. Mary

Even though Kathy is super annoying and at times sadly ignorant she has a sweetness that’s growing on me. I kind of want to see her stay around a while. That said, if her team loses next week, she’ll be on her way to homesville.
Seeing what happened to Mary and Mikey, these other couples had better watch out. Ozzy and James are you hearing me? Do a handstand or something and get your blood back to your brains where it belongs.

On another note what’s up with the people never being able to make fire? Come on. Once you get the call that you’re on the show don’t you think you should grab some flint and get to learning?
So, I’m still hanging in there with Lipstick Jungle. The setting and wardrobe is just too fly.
Although I’ll admit as far as the story goes, Wendy, the Brook Shields character has grown on me. She’s doing a good job playing the over taxed working mother. Showing strength and vulnerability. The other two, not so much. Life is just way too easy for them.

Come on who gets dressed like Victory (love the dress by the way) and breaks out a bottle of wine to work from home after her business has crashed and she’s just let go of all of her employees? Who?

And Nico, am I supposed to really feel for her, having that affair? If you’re doing it do it and have a blast. I just can’t feel sorry for you while you’re lounging on the floor having your photo taken by your boy toy. You’re a big executive, do you really think they are not going to come back to haunt you? Although props on the snakeskin bag. Let’s follow the steps shall we?

1. We’re working, we’re working busy day. No time to spare.

2. Hi, ya cutie.

3.Ok, maybe I’ve got a little time on my hands. Let’s go. All work and no play…