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Life Support

What’s Jack up to? Chillin’ and just being Jack, which pretty much means I have to watch him every minute or else who knows what I’ll find later.

Check out this cute little birdie that came to visit the other day in the dead of winter. I can’t believe he stayed long enough for me to get the shot. Could it be a sign that spring’s on the way? I sure hope so. I’m a tired of the cold right about now.

The other day I went into the city and met up with some good friends that happen to be my core critique group. Meeting them always gives me a much needed boost of writing energy.

There’s something about coffee and more coffee and talking things out with folks who really know what you’re going through that just puts it all in perspective. Having people that I can go to for that extra push, well shove, I need to continue moving forward is something I’m truly grateful for.

Writing is a solitary and often times thankless job (at least until that mega-deal!) and having the support of my crit partners has been an integral part in my process of growing as a writer. Lord knows, I’m so much better than that first book. Besides who else can you really talk to about POV? You know your DH or boyfriend is really just nodding, but doesn’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

Thanks for all the support ladies; you’re all better than a pair of Spanx any day!

So, what are some of the support systems you have in place to keep you on the road to fulfilling your dreams? Please share.