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    She’s a Survivor

    What’s Jack up to? Jack knows I’m feeling a bit off so he’s being extra sweet. Tail wagging, trying to cuddle. Aww, Thanks, Jack. Love you too, Dude.

    Although if I had to do it all over I don’t know if I would. A dog is a lot of work, but I’m thankful for, Jack. Especially with having teens. At least with a dog someone is actually happy to see you when you come home:)

    Now down to Reality. LOL!

    How much am I loving the fact that Cirie is turning into quite the diabolical player on Survivor. Who woulda thunk it? You Go, Cirie!

    Last night poor little Chet was well on his way to a much need shower, shave and good meal when she turned it all around and got Joel ousted. Bravo Cirie.

    Photos thanks to cbs

    So is it just me or is the show trying to kill off their contestants? What was with that crazy/ dangerous reward challenge? Pavarti got a fat lip, Jonathan got a busted knee and poor Chet should have had a concussion from his head bash. Be careful Survivor keep this up and there won’t be enough contestants for a show.

    lastly, did anyone else notice the crazy fan crush that Erik (the ice cream scooper-I’ve never heard that listed as a career) has on Ozzy. So Cute.


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    I’m a survivor!

    What’s Jack up to? He’s made a new friend with the sweet Fedex Lady. She got down to his level and appealed to his vanity telling him how handsome he was. Poor lady, never look Jack in the eyes or you’ll be trapped in his web.
    Here is a photo of Jack chilling on his bed in front of the fireplace. He’s still attached to the blanket I got him when I gave him when we first got him at 8 weeks. Don’t let the cuteness fool you. He’s no doubt waiting until I walk away so he can sneak back up on the couch where he’ll really sleep. Do you think you’re fooling me, Jack? Enjoy the photo Mary-Laure!

    Survivor was fun as usual. How funny was it when James came up with the answer to the puzzle and he was like, “come on guys if I can come up with it!” Too cute. James even surprising himself by realizing he’s more then just amazing pecs.

    Poor, Chet just sitting so silently waiting for it all to go down. Did he speak up once for himself? Have you ever seen a sadder face? The poor man can’t wait for a shower and shave. He just wants to go home.

    Then out of nowhere his shower was snatched from him when Mikey B got the boot. I’m not sure it was a good move for winning challenges but that Joel is pretty cagey. E-VIL.

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    Runway Rage

    What’s Jack up to. It’s late so he’s all curled up and sleeping like a baby. Ah, bliss.

    Survivor was a wild one this week. Attitudes and arguments galore. I thought blood would be drawn during that crazy football/sack challenge. I’m now ripping up my application. No diet is worth that abuse!

    I can’t believe that Yau-Man was voted out. I should have known though because he was my pick for the winner this season. Shows once again that I sure can’t pick them. And what’s with Cirie who has turned into this power hungry megalomaniac? Too bad for her that she’ll be out soon.

    I tuned into Make Me A Supermodel and once again couldn’t help feeling like I was watching the poor man’s ANTM. The water tank? Been there done that. The animals on the catwalk? What tha!? That’s so stretching it. Then for much needed drama they decided to to a mid-season haircut, hoping the poor Frankie would do a freak out. He disappointed them all and took the cut like a man. For what it’s worth I’m rooting for Jacki who made it to the bottom 3 this week.

    Jacki in the tank photo from Bravo

    Not that it’s awful, but maybe now I feel all model shows should have cat fights and the airbrushed perfection of J. Manuel. And Tyson I just can’t get with. He wants so bad to be Tyra that he just talks for no reason, dishing out the tough model love. Allegedly he even went so far as to bad mouth Miss T, saying he’s got more clout. Um, Dude you may be all that, but crazy Miss T is really all that. And excuse me wasn’t that you I saw tipping in on ANTM cycle 9 to make the girls all drooly?



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    Jungle Survivor

    What’s Jack up to? He’s just had a bath so now he’s running around circles like a loon, trying to dry off. Jack, slow down. You’re gonna make yourself crazier than you already are!

    I almost forgot that Survivor was coming back. I was flipping channels and happened upon it. Survivor 16. Crazy. I think I’m ones of the still watching. Me and the handful of my kind who make picks on the winners after the first show.
    This season it’s fans vs. favorites. Some of our old buddies are back, James, who doesn’t seem to actually own a shirt, Cirie, Yau-man and Johnny Fairplay who we know never plays fair.So I’ve made my early-bird picks and Yau-man is my 1st choice follow by Cirie.

    We’ll see who goes all the way.

    So Lipstick Jungle premiered last night. Sex and the City for the non-cable set. I have to say I liked it much better than Cashmere Mafia. The main characters were way less annoying than the mafia ladies and had a realness to them despite the excess of the show. It’s the story of three best friends that just happen to all be on the most powerful women in New York list. The show follows them as they try and juggle careers, kids, love and staying on top of the list.
    And I have a soft spot for Brooke Shields. It always makes me happy when a child star makes it to adulthood without being a raving loon.

    And the fashions, except for the opening show, which, gladly was supposed to be a mess, were fabulous. For a bonus we got to see Andrew McCarthy all grown up. Funny how he doesn’t annoy me like he used to when I was sixteen.

    photos from cbs and nbc
    After the show there was a news story on women who have it all. You know it, career, family and fab shoes. What do you think of the whole ‘having it all thing’? Is it a possiblity or a myth retold every month in glossy mags?