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He’s a Survivor- again

What’s Jack up to? Wow! Jack’s looking even better, but hating on me even more after yesterday’s visit to the groomer for a touch up now. The strange goatee is gone and he’s looking good. When I get some batteries for the camera I’ll post a photo.

I could not have enjoyed last night’s Survivor anymore if I tried. It was just fab! The whole episode was about getting rid or poor Jason in the worst way and after torturing him with the immunity challenge. The the whole tribe lied to him for pizza donuts and candy and was being all 7th grade by crossing their finger behind their backs and saying, “yes Jason we’ll be your friend.” Ugh. It was awful. I just knew Jason was going home.

But then a light. I could not believe it. What was going on behind the scenes with Mr. Jason?! I have a feeling that my cagey Cirie was behind it all. I just love her. And James (sorry Eileen) he has to go! In the end it was Ozzy that was gone with the stupid immunity idol in his pocket. Just perfect. I actually clapped. A great hour.



P.S. Chiming in late to say. Buh-bye to Stacy-Ann from America’s Next Top Model. Sorry you won’t make it to Rome sweetie.