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Top Day!

What’s Jack up to? He and I are off to the groomers again today for a touch up, since he gave them a bit of a hard time last week and didn’t let them shave around his mouth. Wish us all luck.

No time for America’s Next Top Model last night, but I DVR’d it so I’ll catch up.

But I did get to watch Top Chef. It wouldn’t be Wednesday without it!

Top chef starts with Spike in his mustard fedora. Good times ahead.

And Jen whining about lost love and Ryan is feeling completely delusional talking about possibly winning. What?!

Dale is apologizing and Lisa not really taking it at all. Oh well, no love lost there.

No onto the Top Chef drunken beer challenge and the chefs have to create a dish that has to go perfectly with beer. All the Lushes say, “Hoo!”
Antonia is talking about dining down. Sounds like the kiss of death to me. Take everything n the TS kitchen seriously girl.

Spike has on a black and white fedora.

That guest judge, Koren looks like she’s seen the bottom of a few beers in her life. Not a smile cracked there.
Jen and Lisa were so catty when Dale and Spike were in the bottom and the winner was Jen. Spike then turned catty and was all, “Yay lesbians.” Stop Hatin! But he doesn’t have on a fedora. Could he be running out? Fingers crossed. oh please let it be…

The Elimination challenge is a tailgate party. Ugh. I can’t stand the tailgate challenge. I think it may be my least favorite and now Jen has a cause and she doing it for Zoi. Ugh again.

On to Whole Foods to tear the place up. They must hate to see them coming.

Spike- wings
Dale-Pork and he’s being over confidant so I’m worried.
Richard- Annoying
Nikki-sausage and Peppers- are you surprised?
Andrew- Very good sounding shrimp
Stephanie- Pork- Yum.
Jennifer- Is making a bunch of stuff an honor of Zoi.
Lisa- Skirt steak and she actually said, “beating her meat”. What? Now I’m watching Bevis and Butthead.
Antonia is doing a Jerk chicken sandwich.
Ryan is doing a poached pear. Mmmm. Just what I always want when I go to a ball game! What a fool.

Now the chefs are back home and drinking and Spike and Marc are the in tub wondering why no one wants to join them. What?! Ewww. But I do love the sexy music.

Back at the field the chefs are showing their true colors. Dale is a fan, Spike is a jerk and Andrew is just silly with getting his helmet stuck on his head. He may have to wear it to judging. And poor Nikki, the ding didn’t leave enough food for the judges. So dumb.

Now into the Not So Glad Room. Funny there is no more Glad in there. Glad is probably thinking their reputation is being ruined by all the bad vibes.

The top three are Stephanie, Antonia and Dale. Even Tom is smiling at them. And the winner is…. Dale!!! Ahh my little Psycho boyfriend. I’m so happy for him. No trip to Italy, but you did get a gas grill? Lisa stop laughing at him. I know you are.

Now the losers Nikki and Ryan and Marc. Why am I not surprised? I can’t believe Ryan is strongly defending those pears. Bring in Donald Trump to guest fire him now.

Why are they making me wait?

Finally the loser is announced and its California poached Ryan! Buh-Bye. I guess it’s back to his dad’s sweat shop now.