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She’s a Survivor- Spoilers Ahead!

What’s Jack up to? He’s back to hiding out in the hall closet. I don’t get it but he’s a dog and just loves it in there. It’s that cave quality I guess.
Mother’s day was really nice. I wanted peace and quiet and for the most part that’s just what I got. Plus I got a awesome new camera!!! How happy am I? I love my DH and the dear twins most of the time (well all of the time, but don’t tell them that). Thanks Guys. Especially the DH for really listening to my wishes. Check out this pic of a peony from my very own garden yesterday. I’m so excited. I’m going to bore you all so much now with nature and Jack shots. You’ll be sick of me. You can practically pick a petal!

Woah Nelly? Well it was getting tense there with the first vote at tribal council on the Survivor Finale last night. I was nervous for Cirie. Natalie was playing the game hard. But her scheming didn’t work and she was out. But with abs like hers she’ll be just fine.

Then Amanda, Cirie and Parvati go back to camp and get into a big ‘ol fight and have a girl crying fit thinking of a final 2 instead of 3 and they get all scared. Then what happens? They wake up, get tree mail and find out it’s a final 2 not a final 3 and they have to go through another immunity challenge. They should have never voiced it. The producers probably decided to throw it in the night before. Ugh! I wouldn’t put it past them.
Sidebar: How good does Cirie look after 37 days? Man she got thin. I totally want to go on Survivor but what do I wear for all those days? It must be fashion perfection.

The final immunity challenge is all about concentration and darn Jeff Probst can’t stop talking. I’m sure the women all want to just yell shut up. It’s so tense that I suee do. First Parvati is out
Then finally it’s Cirie and Amanda wins immunity.
Now Amanda has to choose who to take to the end with her. Parvarti thinks she has it made to go to the end. We will see. Final tribal council and the eye rolling is intense as Amanda cries over her decision. What a game.
The 15th person voted out and the final juror is Cirie. The only thing I can hope for is that she’ll make it as the fan favorite. I sure voted for her.

Now it’s time for Amanda and Parvari to duke it out against the Jury. Yikes. Let the hatin’ begin.

Eliza is MAD. The Eyes are rollin’
Jason wants to love Parvati
Alexis works with young girls but quickly pits the women against each other.Natalie is just strange and wants to get all sexual with her question and Parvati? Huh? Talking about the bedroom? Huh? And where did she get here brows done on the island? Huh?
Erik look like he was crying before this jury poor thing he’s still hurt.
James is all mad at Parvari and they are airing their mess on TV. Yikes. Cold.
Cirie is clearly mad at Amanda for not picking her and if she was up there she would have won the whole thing. Mother of 3. Yeah she would have won.
Ozzy was crushed by Parvati and was ready cry over losing 14 days with his love Amanda. Aww. Survivor love. Will it survive?
The vote is on they are back in NY and every one has pack on 15-20 pounds, but they are still looking good.
Let’s count the votes:
Parv-AAAAA! It’s making me crazy!!!!!
Parvati!!!! Is the Winner

But… Amanda wins Ozzy’s Heart!

And the fan favorite is… James. Just for you Wish List Mom! Thanks for a Great Season. I LOVED it. Can’t wait for Survivor Gabon in the Fall.