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Project Makeover

What’s Jack up to? It’s Raining bucket’s so he’s perched up high on the couch looking longingly out the window willing the rain to stop. Sorry Jack.
Project Runway is underway hooray. Holla at your boy. Not.
Kelli has her immunity so she is free to breathe easy for this challenge. The day starts off with reality setting in for Suede and the other designers. They set off to parsons and the model pick off. Kelli says with her model and Joe stars the switching. Jen snatches Jarell’s model making him salty. I love that word. Salty! Let’s all use it this week.
The next challenge is making cocktail dress for their models. Sounds sweet. Maybe a little too sweet of you ask me. They have to use green fabrics. No not green- green environmentally friendly green. But here’s the twist. The models get to shop for the fabric! Ha! Funny.
The poor models are lost in Mood. One was pulling out some gold lame looking stuff and there were some very slinky things that didn’t look green to me but we will see.
Kenley instantly nixes some fabric from her model and Keith hates some of his models fabrics. Wesley is not happy.
At least Jarell is smiling and so is Suede. Once again Stella is complaining. Waa, waa, waa. Going against what her model wants.
Suede goes crazy the bias strips and stars talking about himself in 3rd person.
3 designers have the same fabric. How much do I love the models for that? And Korto and Emily and similar dresses and are getting all crazy over it. The competition is fierce
It’s time for Tim’s walk though and Korto confuses him with her inside out stitching. Too green for ya Tim?
Suede excites Tim, but so far scares me. We’ll see.
Leanne has gone circle crazy.
And Tim announces no immunity for this challenge but the winner will have their dress manufactured by
Runway show day and its panic time except for Leanna who is all confidence. And Blayne pulls out the Lisiousness.
Stella is lucky that her model likes the dress even though she didn’t listen to her.
Daniel is still at the sewing machine with 5 minutes to go.
And crazy Stella tried to steam her dress ON the model. Way to burn your client Stella.
Time for the runway show with special guest judge Natalie Portman.
But first sidebar. How much do I love Terri’s wild hair? Did I say that last week?

Now really to the show:
I Likeie: Terri, Jerell, Daniel, Suede, Leanne. Emily, Jennifer, Joe, Kenley

No Likie-Keith, Wesley, Kelli, Stella, Blayne, Korto
I originally had Korto in the likie group until I really looked at the wings on the side of the hips. Not a good idea.

I predict Kenly as the winner and Wesley as going home.

Let’s see. Winner is Suede. Wow. Ok. I’m shocked. But ok. I think Kenley was robbed. What do you think?

Poor Korto is in but teary as all get out.
And as for out it’s… Wesley. You can’t make it under the harsh runway lights with puckered satin.

Whew. No energy for Shear Genius but I’ll give it a go.
Nicole wakes first and there are some flip flops. She picks first then calls the stylist up for a day at the beach.
The guest judge is Oscar Blandi and the shortcut challenge is transforming a client’s hair after a long day at the beach without washing the client hair. The clients are all hot surfer guys who come shirtless and wet out of the water.
The stylist can use shears, batters powers clippers and a spray bottle.
Daniel and Glenn are talking mess about Nicole still being there making her all Salty.
Glen and Dee have twins so the competition is really thick there.
Once again Nekisa is wack. Big surprise. Not.
Daniel and Glenn bottom two
Tops are Dee and Nicole and the winner is Nicole.
They head back and meet the clients who are dealing with Alopecia a disease which has made then completely bald.
The stylists are moved as they cut and style the perfect wig for their clients.
Nekisa is not winning over Rene and neither is Glenn.
The emotions are going wild and the tears are flowing. Even Charlie can’t make any cracks in this room.
On to the hair show. I have to say, I’m not a fan of all the red wigs.
The top 2 here Nicole and Poulo and the winner is…Poulo. All his emotion with his client paid off. But stinker for him, no immunity in the next challenge. Bummer Dude.

Bottom 3 are Gail, Nekisa and Charlie. Who’s going home? Why it’s… Gail.

Charlie had better step up his game it’s his 2nd time in the bottom 2. The rose has lost its bloom.

Photos thanks to Bravo.

Well I’m off for some preliminary conference beauty prep. What’s up for your day?