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    Which one? That one.

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s full of energy this morning. Running from one side of the bed to the other, all ready for a brisk walk in the cold air. Oh, Jack it was a late night last night I’m tired.

    Did you watch the debate last night or are you over all this yet and you watched the New Real Housewives of Atlanta? I’m not going to hate. I DVR’d it and will be watching that un-beweavable hot mess asap. I saw the preview and those lades make the Real Housewives of New York look like paupers.

    But that’s not what I’m talking about today. Today is about last night. I went to sleep not knowing what I’d write about, but woke up still annoyed with one thought on my mind. That one. It really got under my skin when McCain had the nerve to say “That one” in reference to Barack Obama last night. In what context is that ok? In reference to a cup, a book, the fifth grandchild from the left, but not in reference to a Senator and candidate for President of the United States.

    As soon as it was out I was taken aback. His low talking, condescending, “My Friend” way just gets gets under my skin. And how do you assume that the person who asked you a question about the failed economy doesn’t know what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is? And you call the other guy the elitist? Pla-ease

    All in all, once again there was no knock out, but another quiet win for the Obama camp. According to the early polls. CNN tracks it at 54 Obama and 3o McCain and the rest saying “Uh what?”
    What say you about last night? You know what I say.
    Sidebar:Funniest laugh from this morning. Joe Biden was on The Today Show doing his job and giving a shout out for his candidate. At the end of the interview Ann Curry said that Sarah Palin was invited to come on but declined. No surprise there. I made a comment to the DH about Sarah hiding and she should be doing her job and commenting on the debate.

    Deadpan he says to me. “Maybe she didn’t watch.”
    Ha! Who knows? Real Housewives of Atlanta was on!

    Project Runway Tonight! Yippee.
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    Project Meltdown

    What’s Jack up to? Good old, Jack has pulled the stuffing out of yet another stuffed toy. Looks like he’s found a new game and I have a new habit to break. Oh joy. I had to get a dog, huh?

    ANTM was all about the positive energy and poor Marjorie was embracing her wrecked nerves. She just didn’t understand all the positivity coming off the darn American girls. It was all an act, Marj. False bravado.
    The girls meet Paulina for a self styling challenge, turning good to bad with clips and pins. Which is pretty normal on shoots. Marjorie cracked under the pressure of Paulina’s criticism, but Paulina comforted her as much as she could and she was cool for a sec. The winner of the challenge was McKey who just doesn’t do it for me. Anybody else getting a Joker feeling there? The loser was Samantha who once again turned the clothes into whatever she wanted and didn’t care for the design.

    Now for the photo shoot and Mr. Jay comes out looking like The Predator from Predator vs. Alien.
    The girls were giants and looked fab done up all mod. But it’s all about Marjorie this week and she was down on herself. But they could be fooling us because there is some Joclyn talk too. Will she be in the bottom with Marjorie? Or could it be Samantha with all her confidence? Surprise- Out this week is Clark. Winner one week and out the next. Buh Bye Clark.

    Now for the main event

    Project Runway starts with Korto again. That woman wants the tents BAD. I sure hope she makes it to the end, but I’m kinda of afraid to hope. Then its Kenley saying how she’s not talking to Leanne because she tried to sabotage her outfit. Pla-ease. Earth to Kenley. Then Jerell is all sad because he’s the only guy left and stuck with talking to his imaginary fruit “Suede”. I can’t even make a joke. Poor Jerell.

    Time for a road trip to the NY Botanical Gardens and suddenly I want to take a trip. At the garden they get the challenge and it’s an L’Oreal challenge to make an evening gown using nature as your muse. The designers her given cameras and told to have at it.
    The designers choose 1 photo and off to mood they run. Looks to me like somebody left their fabric at mood. Who could it have been? Oh boy, it was, Kenley. I just can’t feel bad about it now. That’s what you get for laughing on the runway chickie.

    Day 2 and Kenley is mad, mad, mad and not talking to the other designers. Now she’s trying to buy tulle. But no designer will sell her any. Thank goodness for her Tim is so nice and letting her go back for it. Don’t you remember last week Tim and how she was taking to you? Oh well. I’m not in charge.

    Collier Strong comes in to consult on makeup and do a long commercial.
    Then it’s the Kenley sob story for a while with the other designers on one side and her on the other all sad and down and misunderstood. But really she’s not. She was mean to them the entire time. Face it.
    Tim arrives for the walk through.
    Korto’s lace is bothering him
    Kenley loves her dress. Tim doesn’t like the scales and she won’t listen. It’s just another day.
    Jerell is unfinished. Get finished.
    Leanne is looking very ‘Hello Dolly’. I agree.

    Poor Leanne with that seam ripper late at night really took me back. I feel your pain girl.
    Now Jerell is crying. And Korto. Who do they have behind the camera, Barbara Walters?
    I can’t believe this is the last runway show. This season went way too fast. I’m gonna cry too.
    Time for the show. Hey Heidi’s in a suit. Hmm.

    Korto-I like but it’s just ok.

    Leanne –Like the top but not hip and back of dress.

    Jerell-My fave. Beautiful.

    Kenley-ok but boring on top and don’t like bottom. I could buy this in a costume shop. Ugh. Why is she still arguing on the runway?

    Heidi asks the question: Why should you move forward and who should go with you? The designers are breaking it down and letting the judges know how they really feel about Kenley. Uh oh. This is not pretty.
    Kenley apologizes for being Kenley and then lets everyone know that Korto is not her favorite. Ouch.
    It was the tensest waiting room ever with Korto ready to deliver the smackdown.
    The judges deliberate and it’s all to keep us on our toes. I’m not even going to guess.

    Yay, Jerell is the winner!
    And the loser is… wait for it… Nobody. Huh? What?! They all get to make collections but only 3 will be in contention. I’m confused. Sigh, but what else is new?
    Oh well, at least I’ll get to see another week of them all working on their collections. That will be fun. More drama and it’s not mine. Bring it on!



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    Project You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is chilling this morning. Eerily quiet which can only spell trouble or maybe he’s just trying to figure out what’s got me so in a snit with all my blog posts. I’ve been at the computer a lot. Scroll down further to read my other rants. Must go back to MJB, eh, Jack.

    America’s Next Top Model
    gave up double eliminations for our hour this week. It started with a Runway challenge which taught future models to learn to walk at home. First the models met Ms. J at a bowling alley to learn to walk. It was clear from the start that Hannah had the most to overcome.

    Then there was a runway show where they had to do the show blindfolded. And the worse model that not would be eliminated and not even get to do a photo shoot. It was poor Hannah who could not overcome years of that bad walk in one night. Buh-Bye.

    Then the models were woken up early in the morning my Mr. J for which was all about the eyes and getting wet with Nigel. It was an interesting shoot but Isis struggled. She was too concerned with one of her three bottoms coming off and her bits falling out and shocking the crew. Well it showed in the eyes and you know Tyra is all about the eyes so Isis was out.

    Project Runway
    starts and Korto says she is not about to go home. I hear ya girl. But Suede knows he has to step up to his game. Well, step it up Suede.
    They head to the Runway to do the model trade off. Jerell keeps his model but Kenly dumps her girl, crushing her and take a new model. Jeanne follows suit steals Suede’s model. These girls are mean.
    Then they find out the challenge is to design for each other. What? And it must rep a specific music genre
    Suede for Jerell- Rock and Roll
    Kenley for Leanne- Hip Hop
    Korto for Suede- Punk
    Jerell for Kenley-Pop
    Leanne for Korto-Country

    I don’t know why they had to do they model pick. I guess they didn’t want to pay the extra girls to hang around another week.
    It’s going to be crazy seeing the designers walk down the runway this week. I’m excited.
    Over at mood and Kenley is picking out a bright print. Hmm. No hip-hop there. Tim tries to tell her about it, but like a teenager she doesn’t listen. But she’s trying pants, albeit, very high waisted pants. Hey it’s not a hip-hop 50’s dress.
    Jerell had Kenley all vixened up and it’s a little scary to see her that way. And yes there is head gear. But no feathers.
    Leanne may be too subtle
    Korto needs to go further. It’s too basic.
    Suede silenced Tim. It was not amped up enough.

    Now to Kenley…Tim had the nerve ask shouldn’t hip-hip be oversized and she went ga-ga. Well, Tim had to school her behind and tell her, “simmer down now” and cut the crap. It’s his workroom and he’s the King. She’s not listening. Oh well. Can we eliminate her right now before the runway show? Leanne doesn’t want to wear that outfit anyway.

    So its runway day and the designers are all confidant. Especially Kenley. Why? Doesn’t she think Heidi swathe dailies from yesterday?
    They all squeeze into their outfits and go to get made up. It’s so much fun to see them done up. Although I do feel for poor Korto. Really, County and that blouse is not her color. It’s not anybody’s color. Leanne should have known that.
    Time for the show and yay, LL is there.

    Leanne- ok for the skirt. Don’t like the belt or the scarf around the neck. Agree with LL looks Theme Parky.

    Jerell- ok. More rock than pop to me but cute.

    Kenley- ok but not hip hop and shut up with blaming the model for your design. Bad sewing too.
    Korto- Yes! She went there. Very good. Suede looked better than normal. Pasty make up agrees with him. Suede-Yes. I can’t believe I like it. Judges think it was boring.

    Could this be Kenley’s week? Please. Now crossing toes.
    The winner is… Korto. See what happens when you listen to Tim?Yes! Told ya she made Suede look good.

    And Aufed this week is… Ken- What! Suede!!! No way. I actually liked that outfit more than Kenley’s bad attitude and high waisted pants. I can’t take this mess. Sniff. Bye Suede. I may even miss the 3rd person speak. I know I’ll miss it more than Kenley’s bad attitude. Lord I’d trade Blayne for her.


    PS- Scroll down to chime in on politics. come on you know you want to.

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    Project Mama’s Girl

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is full of energy as I type this. Jumping and running trying to get someone to play with him and his toys. It’s Reality Night night Jack. So it will not be me, Hon.

    On America’s Next Top Model it’s the makeover episode and Tyra is stretching her acting chops? She’s doing this strange Glenda the Good Witch thing which I just can’t understand but whateves. Only Elina is afraid and cried her cold little heart out when she saw her red hair. Samantha cried, but was happy, but I have to say I love Sultan the makeup artist’s makeover with his short new do the best! The drama was low for a makeover show.
    Then there was a Wal-Mart challenge where the girls went unscripted. The winner was little Hannah.
    Back at the house Elina shared that she hates her mom. Ouch. I don’t even want to touch that. Living with my dear teens at the moment.
    There was a swimsuit shoot and Mister J lets the girls fly solo. Most of the girls did well. Isis struggled with convincing the photographer with this one. Will she convince the judges? She did.
    Going home this week was Brittney. I’m not sure I agree with this. I think she has more potential. Bad decision judges.

    Now for Project Runway. It’s getting lean and mean with 2 designers gone last week. The show opens with Kenley still delusional.
    And some women some out and the designer quickly insult them all and call them old ladies and pull horrid faces with sad music to match. Nice Bravo.
    But the twist is they are not designing for them they’re designing for their daughters and giving them new looks.
    Kenly is doing a 40’s or 50’s look for her girl
    Korto is doing a wrap dress
    Jerell has an awkward girl and has to be flirty and awkward too
    Leanne has a teacher to design for with a push mom to boot.
    Suede has a photographer who wants pants
    Joe is doing a pants suit for his client to interview in.
    Korto has taken Stella post as the new queen of Lea-tha. Fun. Back at the studio the designers are happy to spread out. Seems nobody is missing Blayne and Terri. So sad.

    Clients come in with the moms for a fitting. Joe’s client not happy with the fabric.
    Leanne’s client complaining like crazy. Poor Leanne. And Suede needs to change and make some pants. Suede is not happy. But a new day dawns and everything changes. The clients are much happier without their mother and a lot more manageable. Fancy that.
    Tim is walking though.
    Problem with Suede’s pockets.
    Joe’s looks is not graphic designer. Joe’s not concerned. Kiss of death.
    Jerell. Is ok but must clean up. Tim likie.
    Kenley won’t listen to Tim. What else is new?
    Runway day! And Kenley is confident she will be in the top 3. Sure. We’ll be the judge of that.
    Guest judge this week is Cynthia Rowley.

    Now for the show…
    Joe- no-no-no

    Leanne-cute teacher
    Jerell-really nice. But what was Jerell wearing on his head? A nest?

    Korto-ok- like jacket- don’t like the print
    Suede-hottie pole dancer with funny jacket? No.

    Kenley-ok but don’t like the print.

    Ugh. Why is Kenly still laughing a people in the runway? She is so mean. Heidi, send her home for meanness. Ugh again.
    The winner is Jerell! Good for him again. His look will be in Elle I’m so glad Kenley didn’t win.

    Now for the loser. This week it’s Joe. Proving once again that not listening to Tim really is the kiss of death.
    Next week LL Cool J is on and Kenley is called on her attitude. I’ll be tuning in. Make her cry Nina!

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    Project- Licous

    What’s Jack up to? Lately Jack has taken to taking me for walks just for the fun of it. I think he’s trying to get me to exercise more. Can’t really fault him for that, can I? Good dog.
    America’s Next Top Model is on and thanks to a friend I’m watching. I almost forgot. So much reality and too much stress in my life to watch.
    Top model is top crazy with a bunch of silly girls let lose for the first time in the big city with a way too hot hot tub. It’s bound to spell hormones and trouble. Poor Hannah let her ignorance show by pushing Isis then is ambushed. Sheena’s hooch kept coming out and Clark’s closet lesbianism leaked a bit too. All’s fair in Tyra’s world. Now can we please get to the show?
    Bring on Bennie Ninja I want a pose off! Hey he’s wearing a jaunty hat. The girls are modeling accessories. Poor Nikeysha. She is a hot mess. Sheena places the bag right in the wrong spot, between her legs. Yowza! Elina win the challenge.
    Elimination challenge this week is a photo shoot from a ladder hanging from a hot air balloon. Uh-oh. But that have to fake it due to high winds and fear of law suits.
    The first models come out and are bringing it. Then the girls start to fall flat. Really flat.
    Quick wrap up- Nekeysha is out this week. You just knew it was coming. The poor girl was in way over her head.

    It’s in the stars on Project Runway it starts and out comes the ousted designers and they are teamed with the in designers and told to go crazy with their signs.
    Keith and Terri- Leo
    Blayne and Stella- Libra – Holla at ya boy.
    Leanne and Emily- Scorpio
    Kenley and Wesley- Aquarius
    Suede and Jerry- Libra
    Joe and Daniel choose Aries
    Korto and Kelli- Aquarius
    Jerell and Stella- Sagittarius School marm.
    Keith and Terri and are volatile mix and Keith is feeling fragile. Awww. Kenley is in love with herself and her design and annoying everyone. She disses Tim a sure kiss of death.
    The next day the designers are greeted with a note that says be ready to party with the looks early and oh, 2 designers will be eliminated. Ouch. HAMMER TIME!

    Then Grim Tim comes in with news that they have 1 hour to get party ready and there will no longer be immunity for any of the challenges. Thanks Tim!
    The designers with their pinned together designs head to the Planetarium for a party and meet the PR all stars including: Carmen, Daniel V, Jay and Christian who will be judging their designs up close and personal.
    Then after the party they head back and get to work on the garments a bit more before the next day’s runway show.
    Terri and Keith are still not working well and Keith takes a nap. Nice. Tim even has to wake him for the show.

    Hey Nina’s back. Sunshine has entered the building. Here we go…
    Blayne – No. what is that?

    Kenley- ok but nothing to do with Aquarius

    Terri- Just ok I don’t like the fabric.

    Korto- Yes. Nice

    Joe- Ok

    Jerell- Yes. Very good.
    Leanne- yes.

    Suede- No
    Ha! Is Suede actually talking in 3rd person on the runway? Yes, he is. Thanks Suede you are so nutty.
    Now to the judging. The winner this week is: Jerell! Good for him. Tough sign and he did well with it. I’m glad to see him get a win with his catty self.

    Out this week is – Blayne. Buh-bye ‘licous’! So sad. Holla.

    And Terri- I think it was time for her to go. Things were getting tired.

    No time to blog about it but for a fun change of pace check out Top Design. Interesting characters and great designs ideas plus perky Todd Oldham. I like this show. And it’s Bravo, you can always catch it on some off time. This week the designers decorated bunkers and made them so chic. If the designers could do that, surely I could do something with my space. A fun and inspirational show. Totally makes you want to buy a can of paint and get to work. This was a grey bunker at the start of the show.

    pics thanks to CW and Bravo


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    Project Glamor Girl

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is trying hard to get into the back to school swing. Just when he got used to the nuttiness of summer, poof, everyone was gone. I’ll try and rouse him a bit today. The poor thing spent all day on the couch yesterday just waiting for the Dear Twins to come home.

    Man, was my house wild last night. In the early evening I had the pleasure of visiting with my dear buddy PVE. Shout out to JJ who is looking mighty fine! I got to finally meet her lovely and talented sister Liz. If she lived in NY I’d enjoy talking her ears off just like I do Patricia’s. Then it was back home for taco night to celebrate the first day for school and hear all the back to school drama. Fun.
    Then it was school supply mania as the twins worked on getting their many binders organized. Why is it that now every teacher wants their own notebook. What’s up with that? Remember back in the day when you were fine with one notebook and if you were really lucky or “rich” you had a Trapper Keeper? Those twins needed 5 binders each. That’s a bit much I think. What about the families with 3, 4 or dare I say 5 kids? I think you know who I’m talking about. It’s expensive and a back breaker.
    While all this is going on I come to find out it’s the season premiere of America’s Next Top Model. What?! Quick get me to the DVR! We’ll have to deal with that later. I’m trying to get ready for Project Runway and the fact that I’ve got to watch the RNC and The Sara Palin speech. Then I find out the the new Top Design Show is Premiering. It’s overload. Yikes! I’ll handle what I can. It was Project Runway while blogging notes then the DH and I watched the convention while multi-tasking kids, lunch, school and yelling “what tha blank did she just say!” through the house.
    Now for the fun of Project Runway.
    Project Runway is on with no Shaggy Keith, but some tired designers. Tim comes to the designers on the Runway with Heidi and tells them they are designing for a fashion legend. He takes them immediately to meet the legend. They are walking and walking. For some reason Blayne wants it to be Mary Kate Olson. Why? He is a strange bird.
    They arrive at Diane von Furstenberg’s showroom and Kenley in ready to burst into tears. Sweet. Someone tase her. They have to design an outfit inspired by the 1948 movie A Foreign Affair with Marlene Dietrich. This sounds like a really fun challenge. And the winning look will be sold to American Express card members and some proceeds going to the CFDA Fund. The designers even get to rummage in Diane’s fabric closet. Yummy!
    Back in the work room and Suede launches into 3rd person. He’s back to normal which is so not.
    Blayne is doing Flashdance in his own look with this crazy headband but I’m taken by his sketching ability. Fierce.
    Joe is ragging on Terri. Why? Kenley is doing a dress and very worried about it. Stella is taking the spy theme quite far and being a secretive. Cool. Plus she pulled out this low brimmed hat to design in so no one can see her eyes. I’m suspicious.
    Grim Tim comes in for this walk though.
    Suede. Tim doesn’t get it.
    Leanne-Jacket needs work. Think about it.
    Joe- Shanghai ambitious.
    Korto-design is growing on Tim
    Stella-Doesn’t know where the inspiration woman is from. I see a problem here.
    Kenley- Tim sees Shanghai. He likes it.
    Runway day, Hooray! But I’m afraid lots of the designs still look a hot mess. Joe? Stella?
    But let’s get to the Runway. Here we go…

    Joe- No. No. No.

    Leanne –Yes! Lovely dress. Love the back.


    Jerell-Yes, but lose the hats already.
    Korto-yes. Pretty yellow.

    Blayne-yes jacket- no to the pantlets.
    Suede-ok? No not really?

    Stella-No. What’s with the cape.

    Kenley-yes. Lovely dress. Perfect fit.

    The winner is Leanne. It’s her second. Win is a row. Wow. Leanne goes from under the radar to a formidable competitor. Nice.

    And out this week is Stella. I’m shocked. I would have sworn it would be have been Joe with that wackiness he did this week. But Stella seemes like shes ready to go. The woman is taking her pleather cape, black eyeliner and she is out. Tim is like Buh-bye! Strange night.

    We’ll talk more reality once I catch up. Later!

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    Project Lube Job

    What’s Jack up to? Not too much mischief today. Of course sneaking upstairs to the kids rooms when he can. There’s always fun trouble to get into up there so how can you blame him for trying, but all in all he’s being pretty quiet. I should stay on the lookout. I’m sure he’s up to something.

    Project Runway starts out this week and Keith is doubting himself. Uh oh. Poor Keith.
    The designers are sent to a garage and shown a bunch of Saturn cars, some old school shopping carts and told to have at it it’s Supermarket Sweeps! They have 4 minutes to grab all the car trash they can to come up with enough stuff to create an innovative outfit. And this time it had better be innovative because Grim Tim has pulled his glasses down his nose and said they fell way short of the mark the last time he told them to be innovative. Ouchy Tim.

    Back it Parsons. Joe is so happy to have immunity. I hear ya Joe.
    Blayne is working in seat belts. I like the idea. Let’s see what he does with it.
    Leanne is doing a bondage cocktail dress and I see lots of headlights. Not those headlights, silly. Real headlights. Suddenly I have Thierry Mugler flashbacks. The designers should be so lucky.

    Kenley has lost her model. Bummer and now has to add extra filters or whatever the heck that is she’s working with in order to make her outfit fit her new model.
    Tim comes in for his walk through and Blayne called him Timlicious. Ok. It’s officially one licious too many.
    Jerell got a beautiful.
    Korto got a go, go, go!
    Stella for some reason does not want to work in leather for a car challenge and I’m confused.
    Leanne got a wow. Good for her.
    Keith is all down on himself and is just sitting in front of fabric with nothing much to show Tim but talk. Poor Keith. I’m starting to see a trend.
    Terri starts clowning on Korto and Jerell loves it in the diary room. He needs a talk show.

    Sidebar: Hey we find out Stella’s boyfriend’s name is William aka ‘Ratbones’. Why am I not surprised?

    Elimination day and Keith’s model had the nerve to sit down and she ripped the skirt. Like she couldn’t stand for an hour. Come on! I won’t bring up that his stitching couldn’t take a little sitting. Did he double stick it together? All together now… Poor Keith.

    Past contestant Laura Bennett was filling in for Nina this week. I wonder if she had any more kids or built any more companies since we’ve last seen her. What a dynamo she is.
    Rachel Zoe guest Judge of The Rachael Zoe Project is the guest judge.

    Jerell – Me Likie.

    Keith-No. Boring.
    Korto-Like. Geat shape

    Blayne-Like, but bad arm fit.
    Stella-just ok. She should have gone with leather.

    Oh boy Keith has a mini-meltdown and brings back the last challenge. Way to not let go Keith. That will not go over well with the judges. Poor Keith.

    Now for the results: The winner is Leanne. Good for her. I thought Jerell had it but Leanne stepped it up.

    Out this week is…Big surprise, Poor Keith. There is no crying is baseball and no whining is fashion. Sorry Keith. And please move out of Utah if you’re not happy there. Go to a bigger fashion capital and be a happy boy!


    P.S. Congrats to the winner of Sheer Genius. I don’t want to spoil it for those who didn’t watch. We’ll chat later. Also big night at the DNC tonight! Must see TV for me.
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    Project Work

    What’s Jack up to? He’s back to being snappy. I don’t know what’s gotten into Jack lately with this. I think the Dear Twins have been playing with him too much and he thinks this snapping thing is cool. Well it must stop. I’ve got enough people growling and snapping at me. I don’t need demands from Mister Jack.

    Project Runway starts and the designers are just as baffled over Keith’s win as I was. Then Heidi and the sweet Chris March comes out in full drag and looking fab announcing they have to design a look for a drag queen.
    Fun. Fun. Fun.

    In comes Tim say the look will be auctioned off to Broadway cares and the winner will have immunity. Yay something to fight for and fight they will.
    First Joe says he’s out of his element then later he dances with a bra on. Hmm…

    Blayne says if he was a drag queen his name would be Neon-licious and he actually gives me my first laugh of the night. I hate the licious but I guess I was missing it. Then Leanne said Barf-licious and I really cracked up. Nice.

    Back in the work room it’s a Cirque gone wrong and we get background on Jerell and Suede which makes me worried for each of them. Keith is doing fringe. Why is he always going all these pieacy swatch things? I’m so over Keith.
    The Drag queens come back in as their normal every day selves and they are unrecognizable.
    It’s try on time.
    Jerell’s Queen is not in love.
    Hedda Lettuce is not happy and called Suede lazy. Bam. I told you I was worried for both of them. Suede said that she’s going to be soggy Lettuce.

    On the walkthrough with Chris, Tim called Blayne’s outfit “A terradactyl out of the gay Jurassic Park.” Not good if you ask me but Blayne thought it was in his little warped mind. Whatever gets you through the day.
    Chris and Tim thought Joe was fantastic. What?
    Suede they liked and then they told him to have it out with Hedda Lettuce. Ha they just want to see Suede get his butt kicked by a drag queen.
    Keith got different. Never good.
    Daniel was plain but he’s not worried. Okay dude.

    Runway day and if you ask me the queens look a little dragged through the mud. Please to make up.
    Hedda lettuce and Suede have words and Hedda Lettuce is sweet as pie. Aww. Such a Lady.
    Stella gives me my 3rd full out laugh of the night laugh when she says “Jerell’s outfit is classy how ev-ah these broads aren’t classy.” This from Lea-tha Stella! I love it. But she does look nice for the Runway show tonight. And hey RuPaul is the guest judge. You’d Better Work!
    Now for the runway show.

    Blayne-No Joe-yes-model loved her outfit.

    Stella-yes. Why is one of her best for a drag queen?


    Daniel-ok-but not enough. Just a dress.

    Terri yes- My fave. She stepped up the game
    Jerell-yes but ok.

    Korto-Just ok. Keith-messy-Hey, Heidi said the same thing.
    Leanne-old age spacey? No.
    And the winner is Terri, What! Joe. I cannot believe that Terri missed out again. This is getting on my nerves.

    Now it’s down to Daniel and Keith out this week is… Daniel. Great. Not. I can look forward to more fringe next week.

    On Shear Genius Nicole won the short cut challenge and Daniel is okay with that. Right.
    The big challange is to create a hair style to reflect a season for a photo shoot. Rene say’s “Go Shake It.” The season is almost over and I still don’t know what that means. Does anybody?

    Sidebar: I just saw the commercial about voting for fan favorite. I kind of want to start a grass roots campaign for Oshun. The Stylist that never was. I still think he would have made that show for me. Let’s all go on line and vote Oshun. Wouldn’t it be funny if he won ten grand?
    Then a bombshells is dropped the guest judge is Linda Wells the editor of Allure.
    The photographer, whose name I totally missed, was a nightmare. Making Daniel drop flowers and pull down hair to a wet mess.
    The winner of the challenge was Charlie and I agree with that.
    Out this week is Daniel. Taken out by a sad red braid.

    photos thanks to Bravo



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    It’s a Jungle out there.

    What’s Jack up to? As I write this he’s under my bed asleep. A few peaceful Jack moments. So sweet. How long do you think it will last?

    Project Runway starts with the designers working it out and Blayne still talking “liscious”. Why is he still around?
    The challenge is to design for a high powered and glamorous woman. It turns out to be Brooke Shields and they have to design an outfit for her Lipstick Jungle character Wendy. Fun. You all know how I loved that show last year.
    Then the other shoe dropps and Tim tells the designers they would be working in teams of two. Bummer.

    Scramble time. Jerell actually said he’d better pay attention and give the client what she wanted after the last challenge. Good thinking Jerell
    Now the designers pitch to Brooke and the winner will be worn on the show

    The winners are Keith, Korto, Jerell, Kelli, Terri and Blayne and now they go off into teams.
    The teams are: Terri and 3rd person Suede, Blayne and Leanne, Keith and Kenley, Korto and Joe, Kellie and Daniel, Jerell and Stella.

    The designers are at Mood to buy fabrics and already the team dynamic is not gellin’.
    Back at Parsons Tim comes in like is immaculate Grin Reaper with more bad news saying how winning is good enough and there will be no immunity with this challenge. “Gee thanks Tim. Anything you want to tell us about Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny?”

    Grim Tim pops up again sending in the models for an early fitting. Um, doesn’t look like they have much to fit yet Tim. Way to make everyone happy today.

    Terri and Suede are not having a good time and Terri’s curls are curling up even more. I’m afraid he may get the smackdown.
    Tim doing a walk through: He likes Jerell and Stella, Kellie and Daniel have him stumped, He made Terri feel better so Suede is living for another minute. Not so grim now Tim. He is not in love with the proportions of Korto’s jacket and Joe chimes in that he was thinking it all along. Korto was like, “what, now you tell me? “ Joe is getting the smackdown.

    It’s the day of the runway show and I can’t tell about these outfits. They all look a hot mess to me. There are way too many patterns and colors for one outfit. Chiffon, leopard, floral, oh my!

    But, I’m just loving Jerell and his stinky face critiques. I’m with him. I’ll have to see them on the Runway to tell.


    Kellie: No




    Blayne:ok but ultra casual.

    Terri and Korto got to stay they were the middle of the road ok. I was surprised by that because I was not loving Terri’s outfit but ok for her. I think Korto was a stronger outfit and should have been in the tops with Jerell.

    The Judges like Jerell and Stella
    They do not like Kelli and Daniel and Michael Kors said. “Slutty, slutty, slutty.”

    The judges like Keith’s look but it didn’t thrill me. I’m not for all those layers. He does love that doesn’t he and that to fabric was just blah to me.

    Blayne/ Leanne the judges thought he was too casual too.
    The winner is Keith! I’m kinda shocked, but I shouldn’t be. What do I know? UGH!

    Out this week is… Kelli. Rightly so. Who coule wear that to work? But, next week Drag queens!

    Shear Genius did have a really cute kid challenge today and Daniel won the short cut with a cute little girl that wanted to look like Jaclyn. Way to win over the judges.

    Then for the main challenge and the stylists family members come out and for the twist they have to not style their own family members hair but another stylist family members hair eek!

    Daniel had the nerve to put his mother with Charlie. Very bold.

    The winner was Charlie for doing right by Daniel’s mom’s hair and the loser was Paolo for his choppy palm tree look. Buh Bye.



  • fashion,  jack,  Project Runway,  Reality tv,  Shear Genius,  yorkies

    Project Olympiad

    What’s Jack up to? He’s starting to get back to himself and it back to bringing me his toys to play with at the most annoying times. Yay! Are you loving me again, Jack?

    We interrupt this week’s RWA conference posts to talk Project Runway. It feels like home on a Wednesday night with Project runway. Yay. I’m a happy girl!
    The show starts and Korto in not crying over anyone going home and Kenley is thrilled about immunity.
    Sidebar: I have to say after seeing last week’s show I Terri should have won. Kenly’s dress was out there and different I wasn’t into the asymmetry of it.

    I thought Terri rocked it and should have won. The challenge was all about NY inspiration and her model screamed NY cool.

    Now for this week’s field trip and Suede is loving it with his 3rd person craziness and Blayne is going though tan withdrawal which is getting kind of scary. They head to the Armory Track and Field center and are greeted by a skating Apolo Ohno who I half expect to break out in a dance. They are given an Olympic challenge and have to design a women’s wear outfit for the opening ceremony.

    Stella is talking gladiator and leather and fur. Uh oh! Jarell is all about the hats and classics. Daniel is just confused.
    Back in the city and Keith is a big fabric thief at Mood and Terri may have to smack him. Joe is doing a skort and want to win it for his girls and Blayne is moaning about is lack of tan and losing his ability to think or design or whatever he does. Apparently the tan is his special energy. Who knew?

    Stella is doing her whole outfit in black for I guess the Olympic biker chick?
    Keith let it out that he was a competitive gymnast as a young boy and the way he said it was somehow sad and so telling. Was there hazing?
    Korto Goes into her past in Liberia and how America is the land of second chances and breaks all our hearts for a moment making the tanorexic seem so shallow.
    Tim starts his walk through. Tim likes Joe. Blayne showed his pure idiocy by not knowing Sergeant Pepper. Can a boy get a reference and stop watching the WB and MTV? Please.
    Daniel is unraveling. Jarell is doing Lucy Ricardo according to Tim not good.
    For, Jennifer Tim said the word ‘matronly’. Eek!

    Late at night Joe and Daniel got into a machine fight. Then Joe wants to get all mean about the amount of “queens” there. His word not mine. He’d better watch out. This is Project Runway and he still has to walk the streets and get a job in New York when it all over. Be smart Joe.
    Day of the runway show and I have a feeling it is going to be a dozy. I can’t wait to see these babies go down the runway. Korto was right it is a whole history lesson about to walk down the runway. Heidi comes out wearing something short, black and tight. Yeah, I’m slow but picking up on the trend too.

    Here are my thoughts as they came down the runway:
    Korto-likie very much
    Suede-like but not practical
    Kellie-question mark for me
    Joe-like very USA slightly too literal?

    Daniel- What? Purple? Party? Huh?

    Jerell Crazy, Lucy is right. Cutness though in its own nutty way. Not Olympics at all.

    Stella-No way Olympics. sleek biker chick.
    Keith-No way.
    Terri- Oh Yes!

    Jennifer- A No-Boring cocktail outfit
    Blayne-Blade Runner redux

    Kenley-Cute dress but not Olympics

    It seems the judges agree with me in most cases. Poor Daniel who has turned temporally colorblind is teary. Now can we talk for a moment about Jerell’s hat? Not the hat he made for his model but the crazy hat he was wearing? What was with that? Too funny.

    My top three Terri, Korto, Joe
    Bottom three: Daniel, Jerell and Jennifer. Me and the judges are totally in sync tonight. Great line of the night came from Michael Kors about Daniel’s dress. “If your sport is drinking it’s a good dress.”
    The winner is… Korto!

    And out this week is… Jennifer. Buh- Buy Jennifer. Tea outfits don’t work for the Olympics.

    As for Shear Genus, No big post for me. Just know that show is crazy. Why are they putting molasses and squid and peanut butter in people’s hair and making them look ridiculous. Once again remind me NEVER to go on that show. You know I do crazy crap like that. Now they are making the stylists cut dog’s hair to match their owners. What? Now you know I love Jack but I so am so not taking him into my stylist for a haircut. She would smack me quick and send me packing and rightly so. Pla-ease!
    In the end the winner was Dee and she did a great job with what she had to work with and the loser was Nekisa who had to go home some day. Why not today?


    Stay tuned for more party pics from Nationals Scroll down for Nora Roberts encounters!